Monday, June 18, 2012

New Look, Same Attitude.

There's a new look to the site, just in case you didn't notice. But that doesn't mean that the reviews have changed. As a matter of fact, since summer keeps dolling out more albums then I can keep track of, I'll be updating for quite a while. Even though week 55 was just posted, I already have listened to all of week 56 and am already working on listening to the material for week 57. Week 56 will be up ASAP, and 57 soon after. I can't promise to have the newest stuff reviewed and posted immediately, but I'll do the best I can.

Those album covers in the background aren't just covers that I thought looked interesting and thought I'd post, they're actually the covers of some of my personal favorite albums of the past and present. Due to blogspot's 300kb file rule, I've had to lessen the quality of these images, which makes them a bit blurry. But you can of course still tell what the majority of these albums are. Do you recognize any of these?

Nevertheless, displaying the albums that I've personally enjoyed helps my readers to know what my tastes are. As you can see, they vary. There's a little bit of everything back there, so maybe you're going to be even more fucking lost now.

Finally, you might notice the slogan at the bottom of the banner. It reads:

100% Real Reviews For Those Who Disagree With The Elitists And The Paid Puppets Of The Industry!

What does this mean, exactly? It means that just because Revolver magazine might have been paid to give that last Korn album 4 or 5 fucking stars, doesn't mean that it's really that fucking good. Obviously the disc is far from metal, or even rock music. When I see that a dub-step disc gets a 4 or 5 out of 5 in a magazine that is geared to listeners of "Hard Rock and Heavy Metal", I frown in disgust.

I also tend to disagree with the reviewers of Metal Storm and in Decibel Magazine. I'll admit that there are times that I can see what they are saying, but half the time I'm scratching my head. I almost wonder if these people are listening to the same albums that I am, or if the site or magazine let the right people review the right discs. I am still gobsmacked by the fact that such a unique a monumental disc like the latest Carach Angren got a 6/10 in Decibel, and the latest disc from some grindcore band called Kraanium, who lack any semblance of originality or taste - actually received a 7/10. That album was one of the worst pieces of music that I have ever heard. Every song sounded the exact same and there was no structure, form, or anything of that nature. Whereas Carach provided me not with just an incredible black metal disc, but an atmosphere that made their twisted stories come to life.

Since there is no fine line drawn between crap and masterwork, I feel that I have to make one. That is what I have been doing for 3 years now and I hope to continue on for many more. Remember, there's no bullshit here. Just honest reviews, where the music is the center point. Not the bands, nor their images. It's their music that I review and nothing else!

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