Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 32 (Backtracking)

Alienation Mental (2011) - I’ll be honest. I just didn’t care for these guys. They seemed to mix djent together with grindcore and used some experimental tricks here and there, but the whole thing just sounds like a bunch of senseless noise. Talk about the dumbing down of America.

I just don’t get this kind of metal, and especially the way that these men do it. It sounds like someone is hitting a block of wood during the entire album just about, various animal noises get interwoven with erratically fast playing, and there’s some hardcore elements. The disc is only 29 minutes long, and most of the songs are a little bit over a minute. There are better bands out there that do this kind of music, but if you like Meshuggah worhsip and grindcore, you might want to pay attention to the closer track (which is a full ten minutes, and is probably the best track here.)

There’s also a Brutal Truth cover for “Ill Neglect.” So check that out if you like Brutal Truth. Just not my thing, but not terrible. (29:00)


Ana Kefr - The Burial Tree II (2011) - I have two things to say about this album. The first one is that these guys are from California. The second thing is have to say is, wow. This hidden gem is bursting at the seams with promise, ogling with metally goodness from beginning to end. There is so much to this album, it’s like a very brash journey filled with many twists and turns. I haven’t heard an album like this since Disillusion (GER).

Now, there are core elements, but the piano is played so well during them that I don’t seem to mind. The biggest thing about this band is their sporadic song structure that even through it’s many changes, retains it’s staying power. The vocals are very good, sounding sometimes downright fucking deep and evil. The clean vocals need work, but they go well with the melodies and fantastic solos that the band uses when they use a solo.

Really, every song on this disc is different, making the listening experience not so boring, and very enthralling. It’s a very heavy disc but doesn’t stick to being the same kind of heavy every time. The band experiments a lot and had that sort of kick in the teeth to the systematic shit that metal in the states needs. The technicality and weirdness on some of this seems to work, but some ideas in the band might be too much for some people. Of course, you have no earthly idea what’s going to be in each song, as everything has a life of it’s own.

Who the fuck are these guys? This isn’t just music, it’s art. I’m quite impressed, and hope these guys will come our way so that I can meet them and tell them in person how interesting and unique this album is. As I’ve said, it’s like a trip through a dark wonderland, never knowing what to expect, but knowing that it’s going to be heavy as hell. Some elements of grindcore, electronics, death metal, technical stuff, gothic piano ala Opeth, good melodies and even some Lamb Of God influence makes this a band that could really define the face of American metal ingenuity. The story to the album is also very deep and interesting. Actually, to call it a “story” would be foolish, since it seems to be a sort of set of questions and answers. Some very interesting philosophical points that remind me a great deal of Austin Osman Spare. Give this one a try, please for the love of all that is metal! (62:00)


Avichi - The Devil’s Fractal (2011) - This second album from Nachtmystium’s Andrew Markuszewski is a very evil concept album based in seven chapters, each one telling the history of Lucifer. If you’re looking for devil music, I guess this is about as close as you can get.

Well, the devil sounds pretty good actually. It’s melodic black metal with some uniqueness that one would expect in Nachtmystium, but note that this isn’t Nachtmystium, so it’s not near as experimental, and is much more black metal than “black kitchen sink metal.” Regardless, what I’ve heard here is certainly worth a listen, and is enjoyable with multiple listens. I don’t think that it’s amazing, because I’ve heard much like it before, and it’s not near as evil as they’ve hyped it up to be. But that’s with everything these days.

It’s a good solid disc of melodic black metal with memorable riffs, drumming and vocals. Yes, I’ve heard albums like it before, but that’s no reason not to check it out. Plus there is some great playing on the closer, “The Devil’s Fractal Pt.2” which reminded me of something Opeth might have done. I’m a sucker for good riff loops at the end of an album. (52:00)


Communic - The Bottom Deep (2011) - Need a Nevermore fix? Communic does a good job of filling that. If they’re Nevermore ripoffs, they’re damned sure good at it. I haven’t heard Nevermore sound this good in quite a while, as I didn’t care for that last one. But Communic really comes out there strong, delivering many of the riffs and vocal styles that Nevermore is known for, and emulating Warrel Dane isn’t the worst thing you can do.

Honestly, if you’re Nevermore fan and you want to hear a band that does the sound just as well, if not in some places better - definitely give this whopper of an album a try. There is a lot of structure and real spirit to these songs, regardless of the fact that they trounce all over Nevermore’s signature sound.

Normally, I’d say to hell with plagiarists, but this is a very good job. This is like writing “A Tale Of two Cities” better than Dickens himself. Every song is just as powerful as if Nevermore had done it, and as long as these guys are around, I’m not entirely too worried if Dane and crew get back together and record another one.

Definitely check this one out, Nevermore fans. It’s everything you like about Nevermore, but under another name. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. I can’t honestly notice a fucking difference in some of the songs, like “Flood River Blood.” Incredible!

Let me mention that there is a cover of NIN/Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” and I’m sorry, even though it’s not metal, the only version of that song I would ever accept is Johnny Cash’s version. There is more emotion and feeling in that version than there will ever be. That is the definitive version of the song as far as I’m concerned. Whether it be black metal or death metal, prog, tech death, whatever… I still stand by my decision on this. This cover should’ve never been made. (64:00)


Conquest Icon - Hellspire (2010) - These two gentlemen can certainly make some great fucking death metal. While only 26 minutes long, the disc offers a very solid slab of death metal that has all of the blasts, groove and even some unique riffs that you’d expect from a band who’s trying to make it out there in a scene with so many other bands that sound like them.

But while Hellspire doesn’t have the greatest production value, the music certainly stands firm enough to notice. The album’s longest song “The End Of Times” (5:04) is probably the best due to the fact that it seems to offer the greatest use of elements, which are used rather sparingly in the other songs. Conquest Icon isn’t a bad band, as I’ve said - it’s just that there doesn’t seem to be quite enough to hold them on a higher level of death metal.

If you’re looking for good death metal, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, di-vocal black and death style screaming (death style reminds me a bit of Nergal, though) some unconventional riffs and plenty of grooves, blasts, and an interesting intro (and keyboard outro) you’ll get what you expect here.

These guys do a great job making the music that they set out to make. It’s not experimental, and it’s not real bland death metal either - but then again, it’s nothing special. Plus you know, the whole shorter than an EP thing… (26:00)


Crucifiction - Portals To The Beyond (2010) - Alright, I’m not going to sugarcoat this one. This death metal band is just really bland Deicide. There were a few interesting instrumental pieces on this disc, which show that the band has more to do than to rip off Deicide, but other than that, this bored me to tears, and it was only useful for heavy music to listen to while I’m lifting weights.

It works for that purpose, being as heavy music as any band out there just like it, but some people consider lifting weights to Linkin Park’s earlier music as heavy, and of course - you can always listen to Pantera or something while working out. As music alone, it’s just not that great. Solid, but very boring. There are millions of death metal bands that sound exactly like this one.

You know what to expect here, regardless if it’s the devil or Cthulu in this case, it’s still just bland death metal with a low production value. (36:00)


Decayed Messiah - Self Titled EP (2010) - Well, this might as well be a demo, and it probably is. The disc is only 18 minutes long with four tracks. The band performs a sort of slow, sludgy death metal that sounds like it has potential, but still hasn’t gotten all the bugs worked out of it. Most of the songs are very droll, but the last song on the disc “Shiva The Destroyer” actually has something interesting enough, but not enough to stand out among the rest.

This album was probably a lot of fun to make, but most of it has too many of those down tuned riffs which just sound heavy and not really unique. The vocals are gravelly except when the other guy screams every once in a while. Other than that, not much here in 18 minutes. Might want to look elsewhere for originality. (18:00)


Denial - Ophiuchus (2010) - Well, wherever these gentlemen are from, they’ve made some rather solid melodic death metal. One of the songs actually starts to sound like basic black metal at one point, but the other songs seems to carry themselves on the same handful of riffs throughout the disc. The songs which are long foreign names that I will not spell out right here, are interesting enough - but I still feel that this band just isn’t that magnificent.

Parts of prog creep in, but yeah, yeah - we’ve heard it before. There’s more of an emphasis on a screaming vocal rather than the usual death metal vocal… bah, that’s a damn near staple of melo-death.

Basically, it’s alright. You can’t understand a word of it, and it’s got some good melodies here and there, the production is decent enough and it might sell some copies in their homeland, but this one ain’t going to be worth the import costs.

Sorry folks, but look elsewhere. This is just solid melo-death with some bells and whistles. (36:00)


Devoid - A God’s Lie (2010) - Finally, something worth checking out. This American death thrash band fucking kills, and if given the chance, I’d definitely like to see them live. The band sounds exactly like death thrash should sound, with blazing guitars, great drumming, and a fucking vocalist who can scowl the paint off the walls. Fuck, this guy is good. His vocals sound completely filled to the brink with rage, and on songs like “Black Fortress”, “New World Order”, and the title track, you can tell that this guy was made for this sort of metal. While the disc starts out weak, as soon as the third track gets underway and leads into the other seven, this disc takes off. I’ve been a fan of this kind of metal for a while and have wanted to find a death thrash band myself, because I know what it’s like already to play music in that style, and the adrenaline rush is profound.

The seventh song on the disc is called “Beer Song” and it’s more classic thrash than the others, but just like the rest of the songs - it’s a great track. Definitely worth checking these guys out and supporting them. They don’t have much, so if you like it, buy it if you can! (37:00)


Dying Fetus - History Repeats EP (2011) - This 21 minute EP features six covers and one new song. The new song is only about 42 seconds, so don’t expect something amazing from it. Dying fetus has been around for several years, and finally being able to see them perform, and for a little over two hours was well enough for me. I also shook the lead vocalist’s hand. It was a good show.

The disc is set up like this:

Dehumanized - Fade Into Obscurity
Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate
Broken Hope - Gorehog
Rohypnol - New short song
Bolt Thrower - Unleashed Upon Mankind
Pestilence - Twisted Truth
Cannibal Corpse - Born In A Casket

It was interesting to hear the band pull of some melodic solos and get them just right amongst the brutal death metal style that they usually accompany. Oddly enough, at the show their vocalist was wearing a “Loudness” shirt, which was a band I had discovered a few weeks prior to the concert by pure coincidence. Loudness is actually a Japanese traditional heavy metal band, that sounds nothing like these guys by the way. But it was a change from seeing the band wear any of the shirts from bands that they covered here. Kind of shows that they have an open mind, the whole “just because we play death metal means that all we listen to is death metal” thing is immature, but some people (mostly younger people btw) do still believe this farce.

It’s a 21 minute disc of Dying Fetus covering their favorite old school death metal tracks, and it’s definitely a good hold over until their next album, which should be coming out sooner if not later. There’s not much else to say about this one. Just check it out if you want, and see the band live when they come your way if they haven’t already. They sound much better live, trust me. The tinnitus was worth it. (21:00)


Formless - Demo (2010) - This 19 minute demo is actually not half bad. The band is full of rage and the technicality is just as much as you would expect. Gravel and an angry wombat share the vocals, and there seem to be two leads, which like to pull off the whole dual guitar solo thing. Don’t forget that this is also just a three piece, so I guess the angry wombat might be the chick or the drummer… yeah, there’s a woman in the band also.

Clean female vocals are featured on the first and last track of this three song demo, but this is much, much heavier than any other band of it’s type with a female vocalist, even The Project Hate. It’s certainly an interesting idea to mix all that technicality, machine gun drumming and gravel / wombat technical death metal together in a way that it doesn’t sound like such a mess, so kudos to this trio, and perhaps their first actual release will have more promise. But this isn’t bad, it’s not bad at all. You try to fucking sing along with a blasting double bass. (19:00)


Fyhura - Despertar (2010) - Do you by any chance enjoy erratic playing with some use of keyboards and screaming Brazilians? Well, that’s what Fyhura is. They mainly use a female vocalist who tries the Arch Enemy approach and succeeds on the song on the disc that the band was named for, “Fyhura.” Sometimes though, it’s just sporadic shouting in a language I cannot understand.

The song “ Anos De Guerra” sounds like a lot of angry Brazilian people screaming that want to bash my head in for no reason other than the fact that they can. It’s quite frightening, really. The music is extremely full of downright wrath, and is just the sort of thing that might get one up in the morning. There are some experiments going on in the music, and some it sounds pretty good, but it’s nothing that I think is going to be worth importing, unless you like slightly weird Brazilian death metal.

It’s alright. Wouldn’t kill them to use some song structure, though. (33:00)


Gravehill - When All Roads Lead To Hell (2011) - Gravehill is an extremely good death/thrash band with a definite old school sound, but certainly good enough to stand out. The fucking vocalist sounds like some sort of demonic gurgling bastard, and the band certainly performs well enough that you’ll respect them. The drums, guitar riffs and entire package is exciting and will interest fans of both the new school of metal and the old schoolers who still listen to Venom and Celtic Frost. It would be foolish to say that this band didn’t get their inspiration from these two bands, (and more) because they did.

But what Gravehill does so much better, is sounding 100% evil as hell and really putting on the groove and speed in the right places. This metal the way it should sound IMHO. I enjoyed every single fucking song on the disc, and even the hidden track, which was the most old school of them all. If all roads lead to hell, then it’s never sounded so good getting there. Give this one a spin, both old and new heads. This is definitely good shit that you’ll be playing much more than once. I’m still fighting the urge to play it again. (49:00)


Hellcannon - Infected With Violence (2010) - Fans of Carcass’s “Heartwork” album will probably love this. In fact, I can’t see why anyone into that record wouldn’t love this disc. These guys are clearly influenced by Carcass, and their death thrash style is impeccable, with plenty of song structure and ferocity, especially in the soloing department.

The band pummels from beginning to end, sounding like extra songs that weren’t put on the Heartwork album, and it really sounds like Jeff Walker himself is on the vocals. I couldn’t even notice a difference! The band is absolutely fantastic, and I haven’t enjoyed an album this much in a while. I was full on head banging in minutes, and playing the air guitar. This coming from a twenty-six year old, it felt good to revisit the kind of things I used to do when I was younger and before I fucked up my back.

Not every song is completely the same, however - and songs like “Sacrifice By Fire” begins and ends with a powerfully ominous riff. Despite that this album came out last year, I’ve just now gotten to it, and I would definitely like to make it recommended listening for myself, who really enjoyed “Heartwork.”

Really fucking badass, through and through. A must for metalheads. (33;00)


Id:Vision - Destination Cybermind (2011) - If you couldn’t already tell by the band’s name and album title, this is electronic extreme metal. It’s actually quite good and finely crafted. Maybe there’s a bit too much D tune, but it has elements of black metal, death metal, and avant-garde all over it. Sometimes the vocals aren’t so great, and the clean singing is either a higher pitch or a more gothic and doom styled low tone.

The guitar melodies on the disc are beautiful, and the mixing of unique elements with everything from Chinese instrumentations, middle eastern stuff, and even the SID chip that Machinae Supremacy use, the band definitely tries their best to make each song sound different from the other. Of course, the band has six people in it, and unlike Slipknot’s large amount of musicians, it actually sounds like six people as each person clearly is heard in their respective musical role.

But this isn’t about gimmicks or funny costumes, it’s actually pretty damned good metal that fans of bands like Septic Flesh and The Kovenant might enjoy. It’s also the kind of disc that might need to be listened to more than once for it all to sink in. A bit of a rarity, but these gentlemen try to be as unique as possible, while mixing their modern elements and overall sporadity together that makes the whole thing sound pretty promising.

If this sextet stays together, I’d like to hear what they’ll cook up next. Even though some deny it, there is still ground to be covered in the metal genre. Not perfect, but not shit either. Oh yeah, there’s also some pretty good solos. Definitely talent on the disc. I’m keeping my eyes on this band. You should too. (54:00)


Iwrestledabearonce - Ruining It For Everybody (2011) - Once again, Shreveport, LA experimental metal band Iwrestledabearonce has mixed technical death metal, core, electronics, gothic elements, and overall fucking weirdness together in a cacophony of sound that the youth really digs. Hey all you old heads, give this a listen because this is what the kids think is “hip” these days. You’ll probably want to listen to some country afterwards.

Wow, what happened to metal?

To tell the truth, the disc sounds like one big song with many of the same core gimmicks and a very angry female vocalist who growls and screams and sings. There’s also some piano playing on the disc, Elvis impersonation and other weirdness that I can’t even describe. This could be the music of the future, when everyone’s minds has been reduced to mush by the amount of horrible chemicals in our food and drinking water…and air too.

That’s not to say that the disc is bad. There’s actually some good riffs here and there, like the opening riff to “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly.” The band certainly can play metal, but probably not the kind of metal that most people would expect. It sounds like Unexpect on crystal meth, to be honest. But damn it, she can sing. She can also sound like she’s going to bash your fucking skull in with a battle axe. Shit, I even think I heard a choir.

Well, if you’re really fucked up, or you’re in the mood for something… (how could anyone ever be in the mood for something like this?)

Look, I’m really trying to decipher this one. Being so close to AR and being some of the most bizarre shit I’ve heard in a while, I’m under the impression that we southern folks are quite fucked up indeed. Again, I’m thinking it’s all that chlorine in my/our water. I shit you not, when I drink a glass of water out of my sink, I swear that it tastes just like pool water. It must be doing something to our brains.

Now I know that there are fans of this band, and I can’t give them a 2.5 or a 2, because this isn’t bland by any means. It’s quite different, and much heavier female fronted metal than Otep. I just don’t think I’m pissed off enough to listen to it. But then again it’s calming. If this ever came in a pill form, it’d probably give me a fucking heart attack.

But yeah, as for bass and drums, there’s not much going on. Guitars do some nice technicality, and then there’s the weirdness - but that’s just how this band is. You play them to piss off your parents! Yeah, take that mom and dad! I live in a fucked up country where I can’t get a job unless I whore myself for a corporation, or on you tube, or some reality show, or really become a whore! That’s because my country almost went completely broke because it spent so much money on a war, and war is bad, so let’s legalize pot so I can get high and never cry!

Yeah, I guess that’s what this music does for the youth! I myself would dance around and look disgruntled and angry, but I can’t because I’m a grown man with a bad back. Fuck you, life! I want to dance around and be angry too! Let me blast this shit as loud as possible, while I drink myself to death and worry about things like adults do!

This is the future of metal, and it came from America. Let’s be full of angst and disobey our parents! Sex on the flag! Sex on the flag! Yea!

I think I’m getting too old for this shit. With music this weird, and notes like this - I am literally waiting to listen to something that happens to hit the proverbial “South Park Note” that makes one shit one’s self. (31:00)


Kein Zuruck - Aetas (2011) - Kein Zuruck is actually pretty interesting. I got them originally for one of the stupidest reasons ever. I thought the chick in the band was hot. Can you blame me? Anyway, I was really side winded by the whole thing, as it’s really quite unique, at least as far as I’ve heard from the gothic metal genre.

The band mixes operatic Nightwish style female vocals with doom/death that actually hints of prog and unconventional riffing here and there. It’s not Little Dead Bertha, which is probably one of the best Gothic Death Metal albums I’ve heard in my life, but it’s still really good. Most of the songs are in foreign languages, but the album actually contains songs in multiple languages with English being the last one.

No matter what the language, the band certainly is trying to do something different, and I would keep my eyes on them because there is definitely potential here, and if the riffs don’t spell that out to you, you’re either complaining too much about the female vocals, or you’re tone deaf. (44:00)


Korpius - Shades Of Black (2011) - I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed with these guys. Korpius mixes together melodic elements, prog, and fierce death metal all in one package, that sounds as brutal as it does well crafted. This would be considered the thinking man’s melodic death metal if he was also a serial killer and liked to take the eyes from his victims for some sort of satanic ritual.

The band blazes through each song with a sort of prowess which I would expect from a band with many more years on them than I’ve heard here. Whoever in the hell these guys are, they’re good, and I do mean good. The riffs are extremely well made, and the drumming really does a lot more than just keep the beat. The guitar solos on this thing are fantastic, and the dual vocal approach works well enough for me. It might be melodic, but it sure as hell ain’t happy.

There might be other bands of this type out there, but these guys can hold their own, and as far as I’m concerned - this band is one of those bands I’m keeping my eyes glued to. An absolutely incredible album, with a fantastic finish. The only reason I hadn’t heard this album sooner was because I thought it would be generic, but far be it from that!

Go do yourself a favor and check out these gentlemen pronto. I’d rather listen to these guys than Insomnium. That should be saying something. Of course, if that doesn’t do them justice, there are plenty of happier sounding melo-death acts I could throw in that I would forego for these guys. Great stuff, no compromise. (38:00)


Krallice - Orphan Of Sickness EP (2011) - Um… What? Listening to the music on this short EP, and then looking at the band leaves me completely stumped. Krallice always had good melodies, but this three song, 14 minute thing just seems really rushed. It’s all very fast, very basic, and only has enough structure for people to respect. Truthfully, there wasn’t a lot to like on the disc for me.

Now the second track had some interesting drum work, and the riffs are as expected throughout the disc, but sometimes I think the band is trying to experiment too much for it’s own good. The third and final track on the disc has a very unique style that might work for some folks, but to me it just seemed to get repetitive.

As I said though, there are good places on this disc, but I can’t say that it’s their best work. You’ll hear things that you’ll like, and you might even like the whole damn thing, which is fine. But as for me, I just think it’s more of a money grab. Three songs instead of 6, and only 14 minutes of playtime is ridiculous. Perhaps this is to show that the band is trying to cram more crap into shorter songs, (The longest song on this disc is 5:18) and I expect clean vocals and radio play to soon follow.

You know, I kind of remember the old days of Krallice. They sure have changed since the days when they had shoddy production value, but real structure and effort. Go back and hear their self titled debut if you haven’t. I know evolution is part of a band’s sound, but I just feel these New Yorkers might have gone off the map just a bit. The song titles make no sense, “1. BBH (Baby Bonnie Hood? Darkstalkers character) , 2. Fetus In Fetu 3. Boat Driver” and everything seems short and rushed. Somebody’s feeling recession pains. (14:00)


Fleshgod Apocalypse - Oracles (2009) - Alright, this review will be interesting. The first part will tackle the album, and the second will tackle the band’s live performance as I witnessed them in Downtown Music. I will have Agony next week, so be patient - but if you need incentive, it certainly seems to have more emphasis on the classical, so if you like classical / tech death metal - go for it.

As for Oracles, I’m not extremely impressed. Sure, it’s got all the bells and whistles of great technical death metal, and the classical interludes are nice, but it all seems sort of bland if you’re not into just straight blasting technicality. The band appears to just play as fast as humanly possible in 9/10 of the songs, with some of them having decent structure, but not very amazing. The solos however are rather stellar, and definitely worth hearing.

But I must admit that while I’d rather hear the new Septic Flesh instead of this one, the band has changed and departed from this blandness, adding clean vocals (almost sounding like power metal) and classical that actually mixes together with the metal.

On stage, These guys wear some sort of green face paint (I was told it is what they use to wear to impersonate black people in the old days) and sound rather fuzzy, as everything doesn’t mix together as well as it should. The clean vocals are inaudible due to the loudness of everything else, and I could barely hear most of the solos. The front man had a decent stage presence, but at Downtown, there really wasn’t a whole lot of room to move around for any of the bands, so he mostly stood there and hollered. The drums were extremely loud, blowing away almost everything besides the vocals, and the band seemed to be really rather cramped in such a small space.

Even still, they played a few songs from Agony, and a great deal of other songs from this and the EP. It was actually a long performance I thought, and I think that the band definitely can hold their own if they can just get this new style to work out on the stage as well as it did in the studio. (Go see the new video for the single from “Agony” and you’ll see what I mean.) So, they’ve got potential, but some might see it as a gimmick.

As I said, I’ll have a review for Agony soon, and then I can compare this with it. But for now, this is about a C+. (37:00)


Portal - Swarth (2009) - As everyone talks about this band, I’d figured that those who don’t know them should. They play metal in the way that I’ve never heard anyone play metal before. That should be reason enough to check them out. Their lead vocalist also wears a clock tower mask on his head, which is actually sort of badass. You should really go check out some you tube footage of the band if you haven’t seen them before, as they are…different.

Certainly the band plays a sort of death doom metal, but most of the time it feels as if they are playing it inside of some sort of black hole or portal. Fans of bands like SunnO and others in that style may like the approach here, but there is still a gravelly death metal vocal that accompanies the music. I would say that it is devoid of melody and isn’t very heavy either, but it is very ominous, very mysterious music that some might find unsettling, and that sounds interesting enough to me.

The band’s lyrics are all based in Lovecraft and the Cthulu mythos, something I frequent myself in my own lyrics (which I haven’t written anything in ages, but if anyone wants some song lyrics, I’ve got thousands that I’ll probably never use and am still wondering what to do with them - ranges all topics, PM me for more info) so there’s nothing really satanic or evil here, but it certainly makes me think of a tentacle headed god that sleeps deep in an ocean palace. (Confused? Go watch the film “Dagon.” One of the best Lovecraft adaptations I’ve ever seen.)

If you don’t know who they are, you should definitely give it a listen at least once, but some of you might think you need to be on some certainly strong “medicine” in order to understand the music. Whatever works, is what I say. As far as the ratings go, I really have no idea if this is a good or bad album, it just sort of is - but I won’t just put some silly question mark or something there. Instead, I’ll give it an A for being original. It’s definitely not something you hear everyday.


Necrovorous - Funeral For The Sane (2011) - With a name like Necrovorous, don’t expect power metal. The band is 100% dedicated to making old school death metal just the way that grandma used to make. Every riff, and drum beat on this disc flows with the blood of the old school legends that inspired it.

If you love old school death metal at all, before all the technicality madness, you’re going to absolutely fucking love these guys, as while many do it, few do it as well and with as much of a grim feeling as these gentlemen. Every riffs sounds evil, like your life hangs on by a string and you’re being chased by a pack of freaks that had escaped from the insane asylum, and there just happened to be a sale on hacksaws from Al’s Hardware, and they all made five finger discounts.

The vocals even sound very old school, with more of a restrain on ruining this guy’s throat. The songs have plenty of structure and sound in no way bland or boring. I would definitely play this one while playing a game (which 9/10 of games these days requires killing something anyway) so it would be great for that.

Pop your Gears Of War in, and play this to it. Might make the experience much better, except I’m not a Gears fan and am still enjoying the hell out of Duke Nukem Forever. If you pass by this album, you’re passing by some gloriously evil death metal. This album is exactly the very meaning of the word “death metal.”

Check this one out for sure, but skip the intro. It’s no good. (38:00)


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