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Rocking Corpses Exclusive Interview/Review (Aug 13th, 2012)


Rocking Corpses is a putrid mix of rock, death metal, zombies, other horror themes and some really black humour. These Finnish ghouls play Rock 'n' Rott music with a black toothed grin.


Tony D.K. - Dirty vocals & Guitars | Leper Laze - Clean vocals & Bass | Vile - Drums


First of all, gentlemen - Thanks for making something that's both unique and interesting. As a reviewer, I'm used to hearing plenty of music that sounds roundabout the same. What inspired you gentlemen to mix blues, rock and death metal together?

Thank you sir for your kind words. These are all music types that we really enjoy listening to. So it was really natural for us to mix them together. And I really wanted to hear something like this, and since there weren't that many bands around doing this kind of thing, we decided to make one ourselves.

I noticed that the concept of the album was about the life of a zombie. Have you heard about the so-called "zombie attacks" here in the states? If there was an actual zombie apocalypse, what would you do?

Yeah we heard about that crazy face-eating incident in Miami at least. I think I heard that the guy was on some new drug or something, those can make you do crazy shit. If there has been others I haven't heard. If I got a chance to live through a zombie apocalypse I think I would do the "Dawn of the Dead -thing". You know, living in a shopping mall where there's a lot of stuff to eat and entertain yourself with.

What would you do if you were actually one of the living dead?

Eat some brrraaains! I thought about this when I wrote the lyrics for "Rock 'n' Rott" so you can check more precise answer from the album.

What bands/albums have inspired you the most?

There's so many so it's pretty hard to name some that have inspired the most.. I think all good music you hear leave something and affect the music you make. Musical inspirations for Rocking Corpses are obviously death metal and rock bands like Autopsy, Motorhead, Macabre, Entombed, Necrophagia with many blues artist aswell. I really wanted to do this kind of horror story album 'cause I've always been a huge King Diamond fan and "Them" made an everlasting impression on me more than 20 years ago. It was really nice to see that the man is still going strong at this year's Hellfest.

What horror films are your favorite? Please describe a few, if you will.

My favourite genres in horror are zombie and werewolf movies but in the end I like them all. Some of my all time favourites are Evil Dead, the first Texas Chainsaw and Fulci's Zombie from 1979. I don't think I have to describe any of these to anyone reading this interview. And if I had to, you should ask yourself 'what's wrong with me?'. And maybe go watch Twilight again.

How did the name of the band come about?

The name actually came before I had any music done. When I figured out what kind of music it would be, the name kind of came instantly.

What do you think about sites like bandcamp, that let users "name their own price" on albums? Do you think this is the future, especially for lesser known bands?

For smaller bands I don't think the point is ever on the price of the music. It's great that there are this kind of sites but I don't really think about how to get as much money from the music as possible. I mean it's great if you can get something, but the point should be in enjoying making and playing music. There's nothing like blasting some great riffs with your friends at the rehearsal place. When making music becomes something else and not fun anymore, I'm out.

How do you feel about the state of music in 2012?

I think it's great. I understand that some people think everything was better in the 90's with Metal / Rock 'n' Roll and now it's just Metalcore / Rap 'n' Crap. There are a lot of good bands coming out, you just have to find them and filter all the shit out. Don't follow the big industry products but see if there's some good things on smaller labels or just independently releasing music online or offline. Now there's just much more shit you have to go throught to find the tasty brraaains.

Finally, if an apocalyptic scenario occurred; like a solar flare that knocked out all of the planet's electricity for months, for example - what would you do?

No electricity, no problem. Here in Finland we live very much in the woods anyway, so I guess it would be easier than in big necropolises. Actually that would be a nice escape from all the technology we have grown to be so dependent on. Back to the basics.

Eagerly awaiting the (zombie) apocalypse:

-Tony D.K.-



Rocking Corpses - Rock N' Rott (PR2012) - This Finnish death n' roll (and blues) act consists of just two men, Tony D.K. and Leper Laze. There's a man on the kit, but he's not credited. However, the two credited musicians both take on vocal and guitar duties. You'll at times hear them duet.

One of the guys likes to growl, and at times this can become very deathy, and other times it can be more of a cleaner, blues n' roll sound. That's because the other guy likes to sing. Of course the fellow that likes to sing is a hit or miss, and on some songs like "Up From The Grave 3:53" he hits the vocals hard. But on some other songs like "925 4:35" he can sound like he's in an awful 80's rock cover band.

But you might be surprised to find that most of this disc is seeped in the gore and grime of death metal, even if it lacks the bludgeoning drums that you'd expect. At any rate, this disc is certainly a different kind of beast; like the kind you'd expect to rise out of a Finland swamp. Death and blues is the best way to explain this one, and if you're not ready for it, I can completely understand. But every once in a while a disc comes along that really leaves a mark on me, and this release did just that.

It chronicles the life of a zombie, and I'm not sure if anyone's done that yet - but the growls are strong, the riffs are catchy, the solos are great when used, different approaches are tried to each of the songs, and the whole thing's really groovy. But I could care less for some of the clean vocals on this one, and definitely insist that you listen to some tracks before you buy it, because the clean vocals might not be your cup of tea. They would be my only qualm with this disc.

Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll find something here to like. Plus, as the interview mentions, these guys were just happy to put this thing out and enjoyed making the music. They're not even worried about the money. But it still wouldn't hurt to throw them a few bones for it.

Highlights: Up From The Grave, Necropolis, For Better Or Worse, Take A Whiskey, Rocking Corpses, In The Dead Of The Night, Necrophiliacs


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