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Interview With Lord Worm's New Band, Rage Nucleaire!



Rage Nucléaire

Country of origin:Canada
Location:Montréal, Quebec
Active since:2000
Genre:Black Metal
Lyrical themes:Rage, War, Violence, Hatred
Current label:Season of Mist


Fredrik Widigs: Drums
See also: Bodysnatch, Demonical, Repulsive Dissection, Soils of Fate, The Ugly, Witchery (live), MP5K, Overtorture, ex-Angrepp, ex-Carnalized, ex-Facing Death, ex-Vomitous
Dark Rage: Guitars
Alvater: Keyboards, Bass, Sampling
See also: ex-Frozen Shadows
Lord Worm: Vocals
See also: ex-Necrosis, ex-Cryptopsy

THE INTERVIEW (Answered by Lord Worm)

1. Before I ask anything else, the first question that I'm sure is on everyone's minds is going to be about your departure from tech-death legends Cryptopsy. You said that you could no longer work with them, stating health problems, yet I am surprised to see you in a new act and an entirely different genre of metal altogether. Was is the touring of the band that was becoming a burden, or were you just getting tired of doing death metal, period?

While it's true that I contracted pneumonia (usually double pneumonia) a few times on the road with Cryptopsy, the main reason for my amicable parting from the band is musical differences. Although I started out in DM, and it was satisfying for a number of years, I'm one of those people who must always go to the furthest extreme; BM satisfies that urge much more deeply.

2. Explain how this project began. What inspired you all to come together to do industrial black metal?

Alvater and Dark Rage started the band years ago. They asked me to do vocals on what was at that time a demo. I said OK, then time passed as the three of us honoured a host of other commitments, then by the time we finally got together for real, the demo had grown into a full-length album. The industrial part was simply us using a drum machine. Now, with Fredrik Widigs on drums, we're no longer quite so industrially motivated.

3. The music of Rage is as I've mentioned, quite different from the Cryptopsy work. It's industrial melodic black metal that resembles a sort of grindcore in many places. What was your goal with this new sound, and how do you think the fans will approach it?

The idea was exactly that: to be different, yet still spew all of our collective venom in a BM context. Let the fans approach it as they will, as long as they don't expect a darkified Cryptopsy.

4. Explain the recording process for "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred." What was the most difficult part of this process?

All of the arrangements and most of the recording were done by the time I was ready to add my filth. What was left was our sound effect samplings and the actual drumming. The hardest part was the mixing, which literally took months; getting the right levels for everything was a pain in the ass.

5. I find it very unique that you use a filter for your vocals on this album. What exactly was the idea behind that?

There is no filter, per se. We put some echo/reverb, just to fill things out, but 99% of the rest is just me doing my thing (unless you call the digital delay spots "filter").

6. What message do you want to bring across with this new album? Is it more along the lines of just being completely ticked because most of this generation has decided to live their lives with their heads up their asses, completely oblivious to what's actually going on in the world around them, or is it a general disdain for humanity?

Let me put it this way: insofar as the human race is concerned, I'm a racist. What other people do and feel is entirely up to them, but I loathe them all (with few exceptions... very few). This does not actually constitute a message, as such, any more than it ever did in my Cryptopsy days. Our creed, however, is KILL-HATE-WAR-VIOLENCE, if that helps.

7. Rage Nucleaire, you guys are practically a brand new act, but some of you have been playing in other bands for years. Give a description of your gear, how long you've been playing it and what inspired you to play metal in the first place.

Our gear includes a '74 Marshall, a Jackson bass, a Warlock, and Mr. Widigs is sponsored by Tama. We play what we play because nothing else fits, and that's the way it has always been. Our extremism grew with the extremism in the metal scene over the decades, so it's only natural for us to be as unnatural as we are. "It is so. It cannot be otherwise."

8. The music on "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred" is absolutely maniacal. It's got alot of melodic parts sure, but when your vocals come in, (Lord Worm) I've likened it to something of a malfunctioning robot with a homicidal urge to slaughter each and every individual being it comes across. Where does this rage actually come from? What is it that really brought the fury of this record?

The fury comes from the fact that hardly anyone has ever bothered to unleash their own fury to quite that extent before (but I offer a respectful beer to those who have). Other than that, life itself is enough to raise that kind of rage. People are everywhere, and they are hell.

9. Lord Worm, I was rather curious as to why there weren't any dark spoken portions on the disc, similar to the awesomeness of Cryptopsy's "The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness." I was kind of curious as to why you didn't use this approach on something like "Endziel" where it really would've added to the atmosphere that introduces the track. Might we hear any of these spoken portions in the future? I feel that it really would've helped to make the album even more sinister.

That spoken part in "The Pestilence..." was actually Flo's idea, and it was a good one. I didn't really see the need for that type of emission on this particular album, but there may be one or two instances of it on our next release. One doesn't plan these things, they just come when they may.

10. Speaking of Cryptopsy, what do you think of both their new self-titled effort and the record that everyone seemed to hate, "The Unspoken King?" Is there anything you would like them to know?

I'll leave [i]that album alone, but as to the new material, I like it jes' fine. Flo played me some of it a few months back, and it reminded me of "Blasphemy...". Jon and Chris work together really well.[/i]

11. What can we expect from future albums in the project? Furthermore, do you have any other projects that we should know about?

Album #2 is almost complete, so far as composition is concerned; we began song #8 last week. As with "Unrelenting...", you can expect every song to have its own easily recognizable identity, be it from mood, tempo, melody, samples, or whatever. There may be some hideous surprises down the line, things that will set people to burning, but the fans will have to wait for that.

12. Imagine that you can see the world five or ten, maybe even twenty years from now. What do you see?

With globalization going the way it is, plus the constant advances in technology, I see myself being dead in a couple of years, so I won't be around to see that shite. That, I look forward to...

Thanks for your questions gentlemen, and hopefully we'll get to see you on the road real soon.


(Review Coming Soon!)

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