Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections (A Must Hear!)

The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections (PR2012) - If you haven't heard of these Mexican prog-metallers yet, you soon will. Though the album was rather late in coming out and didn't make any of the best album lists for the year, it has already been considered an undiscovered gem by some reviewers, and will hopefully make waves in the metal scene upon the album's official release.

Being a definite fan of prog metal, I was completely enthralled by the disc, and my eardrums were screaming for more. The melodies are absolutely mind-blowing, some of the best I've heard since Opeth's prime era, and the solos are remarkable. But this is due to the fact that the band sports not just one, but two impressive guitarists, Daniel Cordoba (who also does the band's clean and harsh vocals) and Luis Gomez. These guys seem to be able to snake their way through each and every track on the record, keeping up the pace with Roberto's (Roberto Charles) technical drumming and Esau Garcia's incredible use of keyboards. And when I mean incredible, I'm talking about soundscapes that remind me easily of Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, King Crimson, Ayreon and several others in that vein. Not only that, but there is some rather impressive piano playing on the disc as well as some Latin percussions and flamenco that are dazzling, to say the very least. These gentlemen are masters of soundscapes, the music they create is truly nothing less than art. This is something that took a great deal of effort to create, and every section of this masterpiece is executed beautifully.

There are also beautiful sections of female vocal work and even some clean duets with the extremely talented bass player/vocalist, Margil H. Vallejo; but you'll also get some definite heavy portions on the record (albeit laden with piano) where Daniel belts out those trademark growls that you all were expecting from this extreme progressive metal album in the first place. I would most certainly say that this work is on par with that of Opeth, and would not be blaspheming in that regard; because it is really that good. What I always loved about Opeth's earlier work was their ability to carry you off into the musical atmospheres that so many of those wonderful songs created, and very few bands have that same gift. But when I hear some of the wonders that are being done here, I am beside myself with amazement. I must also add that the mastering on the disc was handled by Jens Borgen, and he's done an amazing job with this one - I can discern each and every instrument, as well as every effect used on the disc. It's absolutely fantastic. 

I would highlight certain tracks for you, but I really feel that it would spoil the listening experience that this album is, and I really want you to listen to it as a whole. This was sent to me at the last second before my "Helliday List" and I thought it would be an absolute sin not to get this review out, and just to let you all know about these up and comers, who are anything BUT amateur. This is a monstrous debut from a band with more potential than many bands of it's type. This is the kind of music that I personally enjoy and can't wait to get my hands on normally, so when I'm telling you that this is a prog metal album worth checking out, then you'd better believe me. I would purchase this in a heartbeat, and recommend that you do the same.

In one word - incredible. If this came in 2013, it would be on par for the best prog metal album of the new year, already. I'm really privileged to be able to review fascinating material like this before anyone else has had a chance to hear it, and I'm going to make sure that people know more about these guys. I have a lot of musician friends who would certainly like to check this one out.

Again, yeah - it's that good. Do yourself a favor and quit reading this review, so that you can check out The Advent Equation as soon as possible. This should put smiles on the faces of prog metal fans worldwide. If it doesn't, then you're all deaf! These guys might very well be the next Opeth!

Highlights: All. (8 Tracks, 64:00)



  1. Great review! It really is a great album, isn't it? =)

    By the way... it is the bass player, Margil, who does the clean vocals.

    Also, what do you mean the album came out to late to be considered for 'best album' lists? I'd never heard of this before and it would be really helpful to know. Thanks!

    1. I apologize. As a reviewer I'm constantly getting corrected by fans and musicians alike, lol. It's really tough to tell who's doing the clean, because all I have is really a sound and not a video that I can put with the music, so when I hear clean/harsh I think of the dual vocal front man instead of multiple musicians doing multiple parts of the album. I guess you can blame Opeth for that. :)

      What I mean by "Best Of Lists" is that many of the popular metal mags (Like Decibel for example) have already done their Best Of 2012 lists. But I've always gotten a bit heated over these, because money seems to do more talking in some cases and many bands that aren't on majors or any label at all will go unnoticed. It's a sad thing, but there's not much you can do about it, really.

      As I've previously ranted, there are several bands that I've heard this year who weren't even given an honorable mention for some reason or another. But unless you're on a major, you or more or less don't even get the honor of being nominated.

      Oh, and you should be getting some interview questions soon for the blog.

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