Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Changes

First of all, thank you guys - whoever you are; for your donations. It helps out a lot and in turn I end up spending that money on further supporting great acts by buying their music and merch. But this site isn't about money. It never was and it never will be.

In 2013 you may have noticed a new banner - something I cooked up during a tornado. Yes, I didn't even stop working to batten down the hatches. My stupidity might be my downfall. At any rate, I've now unleashed a new feature called spotlighting.

"What in the hell is spotlighting?" You may ask.

Well, spotlighting is very simple and hopefully it'll help bands get noticed. Some acts in the coming weeks will be "spotlighted" which means that I use your album cover as my background for an entire week - no matter what else gets posted, your album's art will be my background. What's more is that you get an interview/review post with a review featured NOWHERE ELSE on the site. When people type in your band's name as a search, they won't just get the review; but also the in-depth interview that gets bundled in with the spotlight. What's more, is that the little text message below the banner will act as such:

Current Spotlight: Band A - Album A Official Website: Site A Youtube:? (TBD)

This will link bloggers to your site, where they can hear samples of and buy the album. Spotlighting also might include the use of a youtube video sample of one of my favorite (or what is available in some cases) tracks from your album. This is to be determined. If you like the work, donate. If not, then don't. I do this to get the word about about amazing bands and promote, promote, promote.

Here's to an amazing 2013.

Oh. I forgot to mention. The Grim Tower is going to be on Facebook soon, so you can "like" it if you want. But please don't overburden me with requests. I only do one spotlight a week and there's already plenty of spots filled for this month. Also, the music has to really interest or blow my mind before I consider a spotlight. Do not worry, that has already happened.

Facebook is now up here:

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