Friday, January 11, 2013


Alright, I will be honest and say that I'm literally running this place by myself. The Grim Tower is my child, more or less and without the bands, the labels and the distros, this would be nothing.

So I'll make it quick. I work a regular day job, probably like many of you and my hours have been chopped to the point where I'll be lucky if I work two days a week. But this gives me more time to write interviews and more time to write reviews. While this place won't grind to a halt if you don't donate a penny, it would be most appreciative if you did.

Bands - If you liked my review for your disc - give me what you think it's worth. A dollar, maybe a quarter? A cent? A five? Whatever. If you liked my interview, show your support if you feel obliged.

Labels/Distros - If you liked my coverage of your acts, or the fact that I took it on my own to get out there and interview these great bands because I felt the need to get them out there, then please give me what you think my efforts are worth.

Again, I don't care what. But I'm broke. My two week check came in today and it was just two hundred dollars. That's not much to live on, folks. So help me out, if you feel the need. I'm even going to be honest with you and tell you that I'm going to have to refile for food stamps, because what they were giving me isn't going to be enough anymore. I'm a pauper, more or less. But I do what I do for the bands, first and foremost.

In other news, Hails And Horns Magazine wants exclusive rights to my reviews. Though they don't pay me, Hails is much better promotion for the bands I feel; than this blog can do alone. But do not worry, because what they do not take WILL be posted here. That means that unsigned acts are still welcomed and encouraged. 

At any rate, you can send paypal donations to the address on the right bar, under "donate."

Thanks so much for your contribution. Any at all is appreciated. This will also be the last time I discuss this matter. Look forward to a new review set sometime the week after next. But I should hopefully be able to post some new interviews (Hails permitting) on the blog. Yes, I won't lie. I've got 4 interviews I can post right now, but I have to wait on the magazine first. Again, it's better promotion for the bands.

When they are posted, I will have the redirect links here. Sorry you didn't like my Ancient VVisdom Interview.

- Eric 

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