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Spotlight: Scream Machine



G. Mann (SinDelle Morte); B. Hopson -  All instruments, effects, vocals

THE INTERVIEW (SinDelle Morte - Vocals, programming)

1. This year, you've decided to release a full length compilation of some of your best material for free to the masses; entitled "We Are Revolution." How has that album been received and have you gotten more fans because of it? What went into the process of deciding what material to release?

Thanks for the opportunity, man. Definitely happy to talk with you. With "We Are Revolution" we wanted to put out all our best anti-establishment type of stuff. It's no secret that I am definitely against the type of all-encompassing government we are finding ourselves forced to accept more and more, or that I generally reject the mainstream. So the goal was really to try and encapsulate all of the anger and protest from earlier tracks and later ones into one album. In less than 15 tracks, preferably. Hahahaha. I think we have gotten some new listeners out of it, most definitely.

2. When you compose music for this project, how do you do it? Explain the process. What programs do you use? Do you program all the music yourself? What do you use to record vocals?

Often I will get a phrase or subject in my mind and it will get stuck there. Like with Toxic Agenda. I had really only the idea for the beginning piece in there, the sort of distorted radio announcement thing. The rest fell into place very naturally. That's when you know it's good.

Other times, a synth line or drum beat will inspire an entire song and very rarely, a vocal melody will come first. Usually lyrics are last. ACID Pro is what's used to create the tracks and mix them. Also many different synths and drum machines, including Virus, Vanguard, ImageLine products, Korg and others. I use a Samsung mic.

3. What bands would you cite as influences to the project? What made you first decide that you wanted to make this kind of hard-edged electronic music?

My influences are mostly metal and rock, honestly. In more electronic music I would probably cite Bile, Rob Zombie, Genitorturers, Eisbrecher, maybe even Manson. To me, that is industrial. And I'm naturally an intense, harder person. I like big drums. I like scary, evil basslines. So it followed naturally that when I started making electronic music, it was harder-edged. Like me.

4. Most of the lyrics (if not all) are based on rising up against the oppressors, who seem to be our government (Big Brother.) Why do you think it is important that people rise up against their government?

This is such a big question. The short answer would be that if you don't value your freedom, you will lose it.
The longer-but-still-short answer would be that we have been given unique freedoms in the world. We have to protect them, not just for us but for our children and so that all the oppressed people in the world have a place to run to. If people allow the government to oppress them, they have to suffer whatever is given to them to suffer. History has shown us what that can be. Why take the chance? And also because I don't need the government to make my decisions for me.

5. You've studied much on the government and secret societies I'm sure. What do people need to know about the men behind the curtain? What are some things that might scare the average American citizen who isn't awake? 

This is another big question. I think if people really looked into the legislation being passed - and I mean really LOOK, not rely on other people's interpretation of it - they would be horrified by what they'd find. Unlawful detainment, circumventing our protections and our rights, poisons in the water and the air... Just to name a few.

People also need to understand that the two party system in America is a scam. It is engineered to create the illusion of a choice when in reality, you are voting for the same person, the same establishment no matter who you choose. The figurehead is just that: a figurehead. A mouthpiece for the propaganda of the establishment. A slick vehicle by which to sell it to the American public. It doesn't matter who it is.

I could go on and on, I could mention Mr. Soros and many other things but I think if people look into even one of these things with an open mind, they will be led to the other things on their own. The most dangerous thing I think is that too many people believe that "our government would not do something like that" or that if they did, it would be front page news. I think any real examination of our government and media's history proves how naive that line of thinking is.

6. Let's talk about brainwash. How are people being brainwashed in today's society? What kind of images and ideas are being unfairly put into people's heads?

Well, the TV is of course the big brainwasher. There are little messages embedded into every single thing you watch if you look for them. Even on little kids' programming. For instance, on Spongebob, corporations are repeatedly made out to be evil, greedy, etc. and Mr. Krabs is repeatedly shown as money-grubbing, greedy, unfair and cruel. (I always thought that was funny; isn't he a small business owner?) The family structure is attacked; parents are portrayed as stupid, bumbling or unavailable/uncaring.

Talk shows showcase the decay of the family and relationship every day, all day long. Advertisements create the idea that you are lacking somehow if you don't have what everybody else has... Axl Rose said in "Don't Damn Me" that "the trash collected by the eyes is dumped into the brain" and it's really true. We are bombarded on all sides by messages that say YOU ARE! YOU SHOULD! YOU HAVE! YOU MUST! Everybody succumbs sometimes. The trick is realizing the game. They can't win if you don't play.

We are told we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough... never enough on our own but I think the most damaging message being given - besides "you can't succeed on your own merits or through your own efforts" - is "YOU'RE SICK." Got a dry mouth? Take a pill. Got dry eyes? Take a pill. Twitchy legs? Pill. Itchy scalp? Pill. Think you MIGHT get dry eyes someday? Pill. Pill. Pill. Pill. Pill. There is a fucking pill for everything. People absolutely have got to stop taking all of these medications. 

7. In the beginning, the vocals seemed to be a little lighter compared to the Otep-style screams and scowls of your latter work. How did the evolution from electronic act to harsh electronic act occur?

Every song calls for something different but I think that over time the majority of the subject matter has changed and so the vocals changed with it. Not totally, of course but mostly. And I have experimented with different stuff too, along the way.

8. Though you don't believe that music should be made for money, you've been selling many albums on bandcamp for a while now at a reasonable price. How has it been working with bandcamp? I've also seen you on Rockbox with plenty of "Rockbox Exclusive" material to offer. Has this helped you to get the music out?

We really decided this year that the illegal download thing has to be addressed. The truth is that people who want to pay for music will pay for music and people who don't want to pay for music will not pay for music. Period. The only way to stop people from stealing it is to never put it out at all. It's not just torrents; there are a million programs designed to record, rip or otherwise collect music from websites, players and anywhere else on the Internet. The best way to do it is to make it so that people who want to pay can do so. That's what we've done.

Rockbox has been a great tool for promotion. There are many who would not like that I'm saying that but the truth is that thousands of downloads don't lie. We have gotten many fans from there, who have gone on to buy music. So you just never can tell.

Someone once told me that by doing that, it lends torrent sites "legitimacy they don't need." Well, torrent sites DON'T need legitimacy from artists. They are not going away.

9. What do you think of the state of electronics in today's gutter garbage music? The radio and television are completely filled with electronic dance pop songs and as a fan of electronic groups like KMFDM, Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, Hansel Und Gretyl, Grendel, Killing Joke and Wumpscut just to name a few - this absolutely sickens me. What do you think about this electro-pop madness, being an artist of electronic music yourself?

I think it's crap. Hahahaha. There are acts out there that present much more talent who are completely ignored. How does a song that is not even in English become a smash hit in America but acts like Suicide Commando are STILL totally ignored?

10. What do you think of auto-tuning and dubstep? I've noticed you use some autotuning in your latter material but it works well for the post-apocalyptic atmosphere that your music creates. But I personally think dubstep is a stain in electronic music and cannot discern why it ever became popular. I've even seen it used in metal bands and apparently there are now some bands who consider themselves to be "dubstep metal." Which leaves a sore in the back of my throat.

Auto-tuning as an obvious effect I am ok with, as long as it's not in every song. Auto-tuning as compensation for lack of talent I don't like and think should be done away with. And I hate dubstep. I really do. I have never heard dubstep metal and I hope I never do. To me, dubstep does not sound like music. I have heard many examples of it and I still hate it. People get excited over Skrillex and whatever and that's great. I'm just not feeling it. At all.

11. I'm going to offer you a very unique question that I'm sure you've never gotten before. Apparently, there is something to electronic music that you might be aware of. People have been researching it and are finding that the sounds and beats are able to effect brainwaves in a rather odd fashion. Music in general does effect brainwave patterns, but do you think that the electronic gutter garbage on the radio might be re-programming people's minds and they aren't even aware of it? Take "Gagnum Style" for instance. Isn't a little odd that a song of that nature becomes a worldwide sensation?

Good question! Actually I think it IS odd. That song is fucking retarded. And so yes, I absolutely think that there could be something in the track that would make it more... Popular. There are binaural beats for relaxation, focus, sexual stimulation and even to quit smoking so this would not surprise me at ALL.

12.  What is the definition of "Scream Machine" to you? What do you feel that this project represents, and how do you feel it is different from your other material in GODmonster?

Scream Machine is definitely harsher, harder-edged, with a bigger focus on vocals and lyrical content. On the other side, gM has no lyrical content, or very little. There's no guitar either. I think of godMONSTER as mood music or almost like meditation music. Scream Machine is more trying to convey a message. Very in-your-face-wake-up-fuckers kind of thing.

13. Do you ever think there will be a time where you've built up a full band and can take this material to the masses in the form of shows? If you were going to do a show, how would you do it? What would the attire be for the act? What would the stage look like? Perhaps something apocalyptic in the vein of early Skinny Puppy?

That would be great really. I have a young autistic son and so right now it's not feasible, even if we could afford it. However, for godMONSTER I would probably want the stage to look as much like a medieval ritual as possible. Torches, cauldron, the whole thing. I like the ritualistic trappings of the craft and gM music is very tied into the soul of that. For Scream Machine, I would probably wear some type of power attire, like leather or something paramilitary. Scream Machine is about being strong and powerful. Stage setup would probably be urban decay or urban post-apocalyptic.

14. You've been a practicing witch for many years now, so I'm sure you're aware of the changes in the planet's energy. Probably even more than I am. Some say that a new age is beginning, which will overpower the attempts of the elite to enslave mankind. What are your thoughts on that? Could this music actually be an inner surge of conscious energy within yourself to rebel against that which you know is morally wrong and harmful to the state of humanity?

I think things are changing, man. Most definitely. You can feel it in the air for sure. Which way it will go, I can't be sure. But I have my hopes. So I think that definitely influences the music. In many ways we are in the middle of the most important struggle we've ever been in. That includes me. So I really hope to inspire people to wake up and DO SOMETHING as well express how I personally feel. And yes, I think it's very conscious on my part, almost hyper-aware.

14. 5. I've also noticed that the elite are using occult rituals and symbols to further their efforts (plenty of information available on sites like TheVigilantCitizen) which is rather disheartening to me. One can look at (pop star) Rhianna for example; and find that there are many occult semblances in  the music and image as well as the mysterious Illuminati group that as far as I'm concerned; "took the energy of the universe and used it for their own personal gain." What do you think of this Iluminati organization and the fact that they are manipulating this energy for maleficent ends, even to the point of stealing the very creation energy from us in the form of an over-sexualized media?

I think it's naive of anyone to assume that such a group does not exist and foolish to put anything past them. The energy created by sexual desire is very powerful. I'd rather not comment too much more, except to say that people need to be careful what they pour their energy into.

15. Finally, imagine that you were able to look forward ten or fifteen, maybe even twenty years in the future. What do you hope to see in that time? What do you expect to see in that time? Do you think that your music actually has the ability to change the world and might open people's eyes to what's really going on?

I would hope to see the failure of our government (the WORLD government) to accomplish what they are attempting. I would hope to see more and more people waking up and saying, "No, we are not going to keep eating what you're feeding us." I would hope to see a return to the principles that made us as a people great. I don't expect to see that, though. Not now. Not yet.

What I expect to see is the US and the world as a whole to steadily progress toward a Communist-type of ideology. It won't be Communism exactly but that is the closest existing political system I can compare it to. The One World Government already exists. It's just a matter of implementing it and they have already started.

I don't know if I think my music can change the world but I think any energy you send out there that touches people can effect change. So in that aspect, I'd say yes.

Thanks for your unique vision and I like how it's evolving. I hope one day to see it further expanded and as well known as Skinny Puppy, Wumpscut, KMFDM and others.

Go get We Are Revolution from the band at their bandcamp. If you like it, grab some of the other releases and don't forget about the much colder side project, GODmonster.


Scream Machine - We Are Revolution (2012) - Those who checked out my review of SinDelle's other project, GODmonster might be interested to know that she's got a much warmer and harsher project called Scream Machine. The project consists of angry synthesized guitars, industrial dance beats and angry feminine rage that reminds me heavily of Otep Shamaya fronting an industrial band. This compilation album collects the project's best work from 2009-2012 and for the most part it definitely shows that SinDelle has talent and the possibility of becoming one of the first major hard-edged female vocal backed industrial projects I've heard in a long time since early Genitorturers (whose 120 Days Of Genitorture is still one of my favorite female fronted albums of all time.)

The 2010 material shows the band still a bit basic, but with the latter material we can see how she has actually evolved and employs many effects, including a style of auto-tuning that makes her vocals sound like they're coming from the same post-apocalyptic charred speakers that the frontman of Fog also screams into. SinDelle has created plenty of rebellion anthems on this album, making a disc that urges one to raise their fists in dissent and perhaps that's the purpose of this disc. After all, the tyrannical forces that Scream Machine seems to be so frazzled about are those same forces that promise us that things will be alright, while they secretly seek to annihilate the lot of us when the time is right. Most of the lyrical content here is along the same lines as the majority of my own scathing sonnets to modern society, so I understand completely.

Each anthem on the album proves to be extremely successful, with the exception of a few of the lighter tracks like "Big Brother 4:23" and "Freaks 4:28" which should be much harsher in the chorus area. I understand that SinDelle might be trying to save her throat, but some of the punches aren't as strong as they could be and might come of as comical to some. However, on tracks like "I Will Not Bow 3:45" and "Toxic Agenda 7:28" I am fully convinced of her ability to turn this into a full-fledged act with the same notoriety as groups like Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, KMFDM and Angelspit. Clearly she's got the right intention and needs to develop a full band situation with this, as I can just hear how "Toxic Agenda" might sound with an actual drummer beating in the background and real guitars thundering the riffs.

To tell you the truth, I really like what I'm hearing here for the most part (even though I prefer the harsher work to the clean vocals) and I hope that this second awakening of extreme electronic music (which I would love to be a part of - send me an message if you want to do any free collaboration work with TheFallenAlchemist and you don't mind occult and anti-enslavement lyrics, you can find my work at - NO DUBSTEP!) is able to break out just as the first wave did. After all, the bands that first brought us industrial/harsh EBM are getting older and the torch needs to be passed to some new blood eventually. I think I would feel fine with bands like Scream Machine, Lockjaw, PIPEBOMB and several others I haven't yet been exposed to but hope to check out soon enough.

Though I feel that the samples should be a little louder in the mix, (I'm just not feeling the thump, maybe I should turn up my bass?) I DEFINITELY recommend that fans of electronic music in it's harshest form pick this up. This is a movement I can get behind and I'm more than proud to support it. You should do the same to keep the spirit of industrial rebellion alive.

Highlights: The Sick, War Face, I Will Not Bow, Apocalypse Now, The Game, Zero, Toxic Agenda (13 Tracks, 60:00)


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