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Talking The Occult And Black Metal With Enshadowed!




Country of origin: Greece
Location: Athens, Attica
Status: Active
Formed in: 1998 Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Chaos, Nihilism, Misanthropy, Anti-religion
Current label: Pulverised Records
Years active: 1998-present


Golgotha: Bass
See also: ex-Via Serpentis, ex-RandomWalk, ex-Gospel of Grief (live)
N.e.c.r.o: Guitars
See also: Burial Hordes, Merciless Crucifixion, Respawn the Plague, Skiltron N.V. 101, Vomit Church, ex-Hellmight, ex-Mournful Night, ex-Seventh Xul, ex-Suicidal Forms Elite, ex-Naer Mataron (live)
Serpent: Vocals
See also: ex-Via Serpentis
I.K.: Drums (2012-present)
See also: ex-Archemoron


1. First off, could you talk a little about the new album Magic Chaos Psychedelia? What was the recording process like for the album? How long did it take to record? What were you trying to capture with the release? What was it like working with Fotis Bernando of Septic Flesh?

“Magic Chaos Psychedelia” is our new 3rd album. We worked on this stuff with rehearsals for one year. In the middle of 2011 we entered the “Devasoundz studios” to record 9 cursed songs. Fotis Bernando is a great professional, he worked as a sound engineer but as a producer too. Also, he did guest percussion in the last track of the album.

2. What is meant by the title Magic Chaos Psychedelia. What elements of the occult are laden into the music or the vocals themselves? Does this have anything to do with the Chaos Magic teachings of Austin Osman Spare, Peter Carroll and others?

I admire Peter Carroll methods and teachings. He has really amazing theory with practical challenge. But our lyrics aren’t a tribute in these ideas exclusively. I can say that you can find an allegoric touch of chaotic magic and not a copy paste from books. We give a personal view on how the spirit can harmonize with the universe. Everyone can follow “Magic”. A part of humans has a potential touch from their birth; some other must work to release out their astral self. “Chaos” as a word and meaning sounds untouchable. But harmony comes only if you touch it. “Psychedelia” is just the view of how you watch the nature around you in an astral trip.

3. Explain some of the song titles, if you will. The album's first track is called "Stary Throne of It" which has me quite perplexed, as I don't understand the concept there. I'm also curious as to "The Dual Hypostasis of Nihil" which would obviously have something to with Nihilism, or maybe the symbolism of nothing. How are these ideas brought forth into the music?

The responsible person about the lyrics is Serpent. After some journeys around the world, he had some specific personal experiences with ritualistic elements. Then he completed the lyrics of the album. So, everything in “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” is a soul-mind trip of Serpent, I can’t say more, you must ask him.

4. At the very last track of the disc "Magic Chaos Psychedelia" there is a definite ritual being worked. What is that ritual's purpose, if you can even describe it here? I understand how some occultists like to keep their motives sacred. There were also some very ritualistic elements on Rotting Christ's last album. Has Greece become a sort of hotbed for occult practice in recent years?

Oh yes, the “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” is our promise for more ritualistic music in the next releases. The song’s base was made spontaneously. We added more ideas in the studio. I really enjoy working in this way.

5. Speaking of that track, it also contains the percussion work of Fotis Bernando of Septic Flesh who also recorded, mixed and mastered the album. How did his addition enhance the nature of the track?

After many hours in the studio, Fotis started feeling what our music is about and he wanted to become part of it. We accepted because the last track is an experimental vision. It was the ideal choice for a guest appearance.

6. Obviously, you gentlemen have been making black metal for quite a while now. What is you opinion of the current state of black metal? There has been quite a lot more of it now than there ever seems to have been in the past. What do you think could be a reason for this? Are more people tapping into that animalistic side, perhaps casting off the chains of religion?

I think that we are living in the years of atheism. Most religions are weak. Sure Eastern countries remain in decline due to the closeness of Islam and other shit, but Europe and the West are now away from god, more than the past, to a large extent and this is good.. But better let’s get back in music. Nowadays there is a ton of shit bands which the only reason of creation is to stay active just for YouTube! I really hate this kind of bands. Nevertheless, I found many good bands inside the last years. Some examples, Ascension from Germany, Svartidau├░i from Iceland and more…

7. While working with Fotis Bernando, did he discuss anything about the upcoming Septic Flesh release? If so, what could we expect out of that one?

As I know for now, they're working in their other project band, Chaostar.

8. What are some bands that you gentlemen are currently listening to? What about books or recent films that you've enjoyed?

We like many stuff from all these kinds of art. I will stay in music. I enjoyed the last album of Pseudogod, Leviathan, Voidhanger, Alcest, Hetroertzen and Marduk.

9. There have been several upheavals in your country of Greece as of late, and we in the states have of course; had some of our own. I've heard that some of these rebellions have gotten quite rough, and many people have lost their jobs due to a faltering economy. What is your opinion on this?

We are living the experiment of capitalism. The history completes its circle for one more time. Perhaps this rottenness seems to dominate only in my country. But be sure this fucking shit will continue in all South Europe and this will not stop there. Humans have never been something more than animals. They still want blood and still want to dominate like animals. I wish this to change, but I don’t believe in miracles.

10. What instruments were you playing on this album? What bands first inspired you to play this sort of music? Or was it something you were called upon to do?

Serpent is the guy behind the vocals, Golgotha is the bass player. Drums played by Impaler but now he is out of the band. The new war machine behind the drum kit is I.K.  I am the guitarist and song writer of ENSHADOWED. I can’t tell that I was inspired from one, two or three bands. For sure, you can find many influences but every time I try to create my personal vision.

11. Following your last album, there were five split releases with other bands. Why the decision to record small splits and not a full release during this time?

The truth is that all these last years we had some changes in our line up. We also did some important live supports. So, this period wasn’t a pause. It was just the thing we felt to do. Now the time is for a full length release and here it is! An important information is that the next album will not be late.

12. Finally, do you plan to tour for this album? If so, who are you planning to tour with?

We don’t have the budget to spent money for a tour. We know how this shit works. You must deal with organizers who just want to earn money. We don’t have the patience to find the right persons to work together. We'll try to give some live shows all around Europe, but if this won’t happen we don’t care. The sure is that we will be here again with a new album which will possess your souls! Thank you for the interview.

Thanks for creating an interesting piece of music that clearly exemplifies the album title of Magic Chaos Psychedelia. If you don't have this album, then please go pick it up when it becomes available as it's certainly worth hearing.

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