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SPOTLIGHT: SUPURATION (French Prog. Death Metal)




Country of origin: France
Location: Wallers, Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Status: Active
Formed in: 1990

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Abstract Themes
Current label: Listenable Records
Years active: 1989-1990 (as Etsicroxe), 1990-present, 1995-present (as S.U.P.)


Thierry Berger: Drums (1990-1995) See also: S.U.P., ex-Etsicroxe
Fabrice Loez: Guitars (1990-1995) See also: S.U.P., ex-Etsicroxe
Ludovic Loez: Guitars, Vocals (1990-1995) See also: S.U.P., ex-M.Pheral, ex-Etsicroxe, ex-Carnival in Coal, ex-Krhoma Death, ex-Putrid Offal
Frédéric Fievez: Bass (1997-present) See also: S.U.P., ex-Forlorn Emotion


1. I'm sure that I can speak for many who have never heard of your band or it's legacy that has lasted for a little over thirty years now. Could you share with us some brief history about your band, where it began and how you got to where you are today? I'm also curious about the split between Supuration which seems more towards death metal judging by the release titles; and S.U.P. which seems to be more in the vein of progressive or experimental metal.

Well, we started the band in early 90's, we were quite young at that time, quickly we recorded a rehearsal called official rehearsal 90 in june 90 and a mxi cd called « sultry obsession »(october90) , ( reissued on x treemmusic spain last year). In august 1991, we recorded a promotape in order to find a label ( with these songs several 7 'eps had been out throughout usa, germany, mexico). We were into death metal but with some different influences like industrial music or sometimes new wave. During september 1992 we recorded our first real album called « the cube » (reincarnate records), we had a really good response with it, « the cube » had been realised in february 1993. We didn't want to realease a second album of SUPURATION, so we recorded a maxi cd called « still in the sphere » (pias france 1994). After several rehearsals, our music changed and wasn't so into a death style, so SUPURATION became SPHERICAL UNIT PROVIDED with its first album « ANOMALY » (pias 1995), and then « TRANSFER » (maxi cd remixes and acoustic versions from the « ANOMALY » songs). 1997, we found a new label and we recorded « ROOM SEVEN » (h records97), a reissue of « the cube » (under the name of 1998), « CHRONOPHOBIA » (1999), « ANOMALY2000 » ( re recording of the album and reissue of the first version 2000), « ANGELUS » (2002). And during autumn 2002 we decided to record a prequel of the album « THE CUBE » which would be « INCUBATION » (february2003). All of our albums are telling stories ( as far as S.U.P albums are concerned), but with SUPURATION, at that time we decided that it would be nice to make a trilogy with the story « THE CUBE », we thought about a third album for 2013...During that time we recorded « IMAGO » (2005) and « HEGEMONY » (2008) several dvds, bootlegs etc...We've been working slowly on « CUBE 3 » and we succeed in put it out 20 years after the first volume « THE CUBE » in february 2013. The split between the two projects is quite simple, we didn't want to create a « cube 2 » too fast after the first one, we took our time, and at that time we really wanted to make another kind of music , colder , darker and experimental, so we created S.U.P.

1a. What does Supuration mean and what does S.U.P. stand for? Who came up with these titles?

SUPURATION was a title of the song on the first CARCASS album, it was written with two « p », we decided to write it with only one « p », because at that time a polish grind core band was called « suppuration »as far as S.U.P is concerned it's more enigmatic, we kept the root « sup » to remind SUPURATION, but the concept is quite different, i mean it's more « open minded » .

3. Now that Cube 3 has seen an overseas release, is there any chance of your earlier albums getting reissued? The material on Cube 3 is stellar and I'd certainly like to see the older material getting reissued, so I could see what led to this release.

We hope so, I heard that a whole packaging including the three volumes of the trilogy would be out before the end of the year. Of course we will reissue the whole story....

4. Let's discuss Cube 3. Where did you record it, how long did it take and what was the process of the recording like? Did you run into any issues, or did it all go quite well? What was your aim for the disc and do you believe you've done what you set out to do with Cube 3?

First we rehearsed, recorded demos and when we were ready we recorded the drums in a studio in summer 2011 . The process of recording is simple, I usually record all instruments and the vocals, (for all of our albums since the begining), My brother wrote the lyrics for SUPURATION because he wrote the prequel « INCUBATION » and as far as the lyrics are concerned i'm more into S.U.P albums. All guitars , bass and voices are recording at home. Then we found a new record company (listenable records) and we 've been waiting for february 2013, in accord with the record company, to put « CUBE 3 » out.

5. I'm a sci-fi buff and a novelist who has used more than a few elements of the genre in my books and short stories. Can you talk to me a little about the Cube mythos and how it lead up into this third piece of the saga? Are there any underlying messages or ideas hidden within these albums that you would like to express?

« THE CUBE » is dealing with the strange and enigmatic journey of a tormented soul which is finally reincarnated in « CUBE 3 ». On the album « INCUBATION » which is the story before « THE CUBE » we have the reasons of the suicide of a young girl, on « THE CUBE » we have the travel of its soul throughout strange places and geometric forms, trapped in a crystal cube, then a sphere enter the cube to catch the soul in order to be reincarnated , a second chance in a way, and the soul is reincarnated in « CUBE 3 » in outer space , in the future, and the young boy is educated by machines and robots. In each of these albums we find cubes and spheres (« incubation » with the room of the young girl which is a square and her pregnant body, in « the cube » with amazing crystal cubes and spheres , judges of her soul, in « cube 3 » with the spaceship and the machines and robots inside which are in cubic and spheric forms. In a way the whole trilogy is dealing with the fact that a soul nerver dies, anyway, that's not the case for our trilogy, at the end of « CUBE 3 » we don't know what is happening to the soul of the main character....

6. What do you believe in? Are you religious, spiritual or neither? Is there a certain life after death, or are we just destined to the ground? What are some things in the realm of belief that you have a qualm with?

We're not into religion, we don't know if there's a life after death, we're just telling stories throughout our albums, S.U.P albums are more into science fiction or fantastic stories.

7. Do you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life? If so, do you think that we'll ever make contact? Or might they already be here?

I do believe in ET life, i think that we are in contact since the very beginning of human kind.

8. How is Cube 3 different from your other material? What would you consider an inspiration to the sound of Cube 3?

SUPURATION has is own style , I mean, in each of the album of the trilogy, you can hear some parts of riffs or lyrics which remind another album of the trilogy, each album is linked to the other. « CUBE3 » is a little bit different because it's more into science fiction, « INCUBATION » is more into psychology and « THE CUBE » into metaphysic.

9. What bands would you accredit to being influences of Supuration and S.U.P? What was it that kindled your interest in making music?

I would say for SUPURATION, we've been influenced during the early 90's by bands like CARCASS, PESTILENCE , VOIVOD, ENTOMBED, BOLTTHROWER, PINK FLOYD...and for S.U.P i would say, the same bands including THE SISTERS OF MERCY, DEPECHE MODE, industrial musics

10. The nature of Cube 3 seems to deal with technology. What are your feelings on technology as it is today, and do you think we should be careful about how it progresses? Are there things that we just shouldn't be doing right now?

We need technology, it's progression is sometimes depends...It's fine when you can replace an arm or a leg of a person, I think computers are dangerous and robots will be....

11. Let's talk tech. What kinds of guitars, drums, pedals and other types of equipment do you use? What brands do you prefer, if any?

I have an American warlock BC rich and a fender bass amp 60w, my brother fabrice uses GIBSON SG guitars with a 2x50w peavy pre amp, Frederic uses a LTD bass in line , all detuned in B and thierry the drummer uses a PREMIER drums, pearl pedals and PAISTE cymbals. We like our equipment, it's simple, we also have some BOSS pedals for delays, chorus, hushes...

12. I've heard talk of "mesmerizing shows" in regards to touring. What are your stage shows like and what bands have you had an opportunity to perform with? Have you ever gotten the chance to meet any of your personal idols? If so, what was that like? Lastly, what is one of the funniest things that you've had happen while on tour?

We've been touring with SUPURATION with CARCASS , SUFFOCATION, BENEDICTION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, LOUDBLAST, and with S.U.P with ANATHEMA, CORONER, THE GATHERING....It was nice to discuss with the guys from CARCASS or the guys from CORONER... The funniest thing???The tour with SUFFOCATION is a great souvenir, really professional and funny things too numerous....

13. Finally, where do you see mankind in the next few years? More importantly, do you see mankind at all in the next few years? What do you think of society right now? Are we heading to our demise, or to some sort of glorious new age?

I think changes will arrive but mankind will stay right down here for a long long moment ...thanks to technology (…) I don't think about a demise, I'd prefer a glorious new age....As far as the society is concerned that depends, we are too much in a « consummation way of living » that sucks...

Thanks a lot for the interview !!!



March 2013

Thanks so much gentlemen, for your answers. I feel as if I've missed an entire legacy of great music and will try to hear as much of it as I can in the future. I had no idea an act like yours ever existed and hope that you will receive the praise that you deserve for such an interesting and unique approach towards death metal. The very best of luck to you in the future. Horns!

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