Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts On The Illuminati And Musical Symbolism

Thoughts On The Illuminati And Musical Symbolism
In Regards To Metal

Those of you who come to the Tower for my reviews and interviews might notice that I talk a lot about mind control, Illuminati symbolism and various other conspiracies. While it is true that I seem to be fond of these conspiracies (and a great deal of past conspiracies were proven to be true years later) I need to discuss my true thoughts on this Illuminati stuff.

First of all, I do believe that there may not just be one; but are rather many clandestine orders that may be in charge of the guidance of world events and might manipulate world leaders and whatnot. However, I also believe that these orders are responsible for this whole Illuminati thing - in the fact that it IS NOT an actual organization, but a product created by these unnamed parties. A product created to sell merchandise and manipulate other methods of thinking. In other words, the idea of just one society inspired by Crowleyian thought with a dash of Satanism and freemasonry seems just too damned simple to me. In all that I've studied in recent years, I would rather entertain the thought that several different orders and sects composed of only the wealthiest individuals do indeed exist with the purpose of these ideas. I do believe that mind control is still in effect in even the smallest places and that the internet itself has been tainted with the belief in just this one organization who is as responsible for all the illnesses in the world as a religious man might place on his devil. It can't be that simple.

I do believe that there is a sort of slow-kill going on, as one might gather with the recently passed Monsanto Protection Act which is something you need not shy away from if you have any intelligence at all in your head. If you would like to know all of the things that Monsanto has done to harm other countries, you need only to search for it on the internet. The company wrote their own protection act by the way, just as like if Wal-Mart wrote their own rules for business, which would only serve to benefit the needs of that corporation. Do you remember hearing about the factories of the early 1900's before employees had rights and children worked and maimed themselves? This is part of the corporate machine and they'd have their way again if we'd let them. I need not tell you the conditions of my workplace, as I can already see these old ghosts coming back to haunt us as we keep giving them more power over us as workers.

But as far as metal music goes, I can't say that I didn't expect to see this kind of symbolism, but I can see that it is very blatant and so easy to point out in it's blatancy that it's being clearly marketed for being "Illuminati Influenced." Most of this is in the artwork however and in the artist image - I would point out In This Moment, Black Veil Brides, Amaranthe and Motionless In White. But the most blatant crap is on the In This Moment, which makes me wonder if Maria Brink is really that damned daft and never thought for a second that putting blatant symbolism in her band's album covers and music since the very beginning (especially the Masquerade ball shit on the latest disc Blood) was just something she thought was fun. On the other hand, let us take in the last symbol for Revolver's Golden Gods logo. Yep, it's there.

But when you see all these things by now, you realize that at least 50% of people realize that they are there and what they stand for - but you also realize that 30% of these people don't care and aren't interested. Everything else is too important. In these days, we live on our phones and computers. We're all constantly connected by social networking websites and there are seldom things that can be kept a secret. In America, we're connected to psuedo-reality shows - more people vote for American Idols, than they do for public office. We spend the rest of that time in the latest MMO craze or on our game consoles - still connected to everyone else in the world. We browse youtube for memes and other clips from people all over the globe. This is life. Sure we've seen the signs, but don't care.

Also, people like Jesse Ventura who tell me to beware of the "super monkey soldiers" and Alex "nutcase" Jones spread disillusion and create the idea that people who actually believe in conspiracies are naive. But that's because each of these people are paid to do so. Alex makes money from his work, just as Jesse as it's "entertainment" and nothing more. As much as I want to believe that Dave Mustaine is not following the same ideas - he's also making plenty of money from them. Conspiracy sells.

And that's where metal comes in. It's not that I don't want to believe in the message, but when it's blatant and being promoted out there by the biggest bands (Megadeth, Hypocrisy now and hopefully not in the new Slayer but I have a strong feeling that will be the topic of their new disc) it's hard for me to not believe that people aren't trying to cash in on these ideas. It's becoming too blatant and spreading itself thin into mockery, which is what any secret organization would really want in the first place.

I unpack clothing for children and notice the oddest things in the form of monarchs and skulls. There was one shirt in fact that had a skull made of monarch butterflies and this is at a retail store and can be purchased for your little girl. Wow. That's fucked up.

I can go on and on, but I do believe that while there is an agenda being pushed; as of right now it's becoming too blatant and is only there for the purpose of making money. If any secret organization wanted to take over tomorrow, they could without the use of all this crap. They'd have every bit of military defense and nukes at their disposal to ensure victory while they stay in some secret underground city. I clearly think that this Illuminati symbolism is nothing more than a cash grab as more people become aware of it and even Yahoo! helped to promote it with a headline that appeared shortly after the last Super Bowl Halftime. As with anything else, it's there for money. Illuminati is pop. But it's a good distraction, like something right out of a novel -

"We'll make the public think that they know what's behind the curtain, but leave them clueless about what's on the other side of the wall."

Sure, I'll hammer out the Illuminati symbolism here when I see it (Amaranthe, MSI) but I want you to pay attention to this site in a few years and see that it will all die down with time. As soon as people tire of it, something new will come along. It always does.

- The Fallen Alchemist


  1. wow dude as far as the organization puting something out to make people think there exposing the truth is fucking crazy i thought i was the only one thinking that great uhh blog or wat ever

  2. nd yeah btw only 2 comments just goes to show u who isnt already mentally enslaved to the media and everything else that follows

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  4. Black Veil Brides aren't apart of the Illuminati. Have you seen the lyrics? Obviously not.. If anything the lyrics are ANTI ILLUMINATI. Andy the lead singer himself even said he doesn't believe in Satan or God, and will not sell his soul to something he doesn't believe in. It's like you Christians just look at someone wearing warpaint and black and say "THEY ARE ILLUMINATI SATANIC ETC ETC" I'm Christian and I do believe that the Illuminati exist, but this is just plain stupid.

  5. Lol. Kind of an old post, man. I have no idea what was going on with my head during that time. These days I would just consider BVB a bunch of media puppets like many other artists out there.

    I needed to go through that paranoid phase to really learn the truth. This whole "Illuminati" stuff is just a buzzword. But I do believe in the existence of many groups out there within the media and corporations,governments exc. They don't all work together and often fight. After all, this is mainly rich men behind a great deal of it, merely trying to increase their assets.

    Shit goes on. I'd say more, but I've gotten too loose lipped one too many times in conversations with people that I shouldn't have been running my mouth off to in the first place. People want to protect their assets, they do that in secret. It's been that way for many years. BVB is just another fucking band, another act for a major to profit from. Nothing new, nothing to see here. Please regard all of this as archival conjecture from a different time. I don't even talk about this stuff much these days, there is very little that anyone can actually do to stop business from flowing. Enjoy the bands if you like them.

  6. By the way, I'm far from Christian. I'd consider myself an occultist and particularly fond of Alan Moore's work.