Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dark Tranquillity Interview Now On New Noise!

"How did you go about approaching this new album right on the heels of We Are The Void? What did you want this album to sound like and do you think that you achieved that goal?

It usually takes a long time – often several years – before I know what I truly think about a record and whether or not it “succeeded” in living up to what it should have been. We rarely make any grand master plans regarding the nature of an album, and for Construct we just began writing music without any real idea of what kind of an album we were making. Perhaps the basic mindset was that we felt that it was time for something different. When we started out, DT was seen as a pretty experimental and innovative band that surprised the listeners with every album. The previous 3-4 records are all very good by themselves, but they have a pretty similar approach to the riffs and arrangement, so it was time to one again step out of our comfort zone. From that perspective, I’m very pleased that Construct offers something different..."

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