Monday, September 2, 2013


I'm about to undergo a slight change of location, so I will request that no physical promos are sent to my current address. If you've already sent something, that's fine - I'll pick it up when I get the chance. As I am moving, (and this is completely unexpected, like a sucker punch to the ribs) it will also be a while before I can download and review the bevy of digital releases that you've sent me. But don't worry, as they are all starred in my inbox and will be downloaded as soon as I can get online to do them. As I will be having my own internet after the move, I'll be able to get and review releases MUCH quicker than normal.

As you can also expect, the next review week will take a bit longer to compile. usually one would be up today, but I've been overburdened with the stress of moving and am just now going to start working on the week's 14 albums. Yes, 14. And expect another week very soon after, as I'll be playing "catch up." But I am to review everything. so just give me a bit to resettle and I'll have it ready.

I'll update you when it's alright to send me physical promos again. But for now, digital will be preferred. Sorry for the inconvenience as I've always enjoyed the physical promos that you've sent me.


The Fallen Alchemist AKA Eric May

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