Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Code - Augur Nox (2013 NN Promo)

"Ladies and gentlemen, the record that I’m about to review here is especially worth taking note, as it just might be one of the best metal records of the year; if not the decade. Code should be well familiar to most of us by now for not only having crafted one of the most memorable approaches to progressive black metal in 2009’s Resplendent Grotesque, but for also having been nominated for a Spellemann Award, the foreign equivalent to a Grammy. However, the approach on this release is a quite unexpected one that none of us would’ve ever thought these guys would pull out of their hats – not in a thousand years. While it’s still certainly black metal, the band has turned their efforts much in the vein of classic avant-garde acts like Ved Buens Ende and Arcturus. And yes, it sounds just as good as you might expect – as a matter of fact, these guys are revolutionizing the avant-garde genre with this powerful and thunderous metal release..."

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