Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Crowdburn - Ignition (2013 NN Promo)

"I know I’m sounding like a fucking broken record when I say this, but I really didn’t know what to expect when I was first offered to review this new album from Swedish modern melodic death thrashers, Crowdburn. Many times you just get thrown brand new acts like this one, but that’s also one of my favorite things about this kind of work. See, to put it bluntly; these guys are fucking awesome. That’s not to say they’re unreal, but they’ve definitely got something of note here and I was certainly impressed with this debut effort. At first I was kind of frightened, since they worked with Skrillex after this album released to remix their track “Spiders Nest.” You all know how much I hate dub-step, so I won’t even bother listening to that track, even for curiosity purposes – in my lifetime.

But let’s not focus on that, because what we’ve got here is an album that reminds me of an uncanny combination of Soilwork’s melodic, yet technical leads, backed with Pantera’s balls out southern grooves – with just a little sprinkling of Devin Townsend for extra flavor. “Stars” is a dead-ringer for a peak era Soilwork track, with “Burning Crowd” reminding me of the knuckled up approach of Five Finger Death Punch, but with an unexpected twist. The song is a stickler for the mainstream, so why aren’t these guys more well-known? But not only that, these guys actually throw some worthwhile guitar solos into the mix. You wouldn’t expect that from a band of this type that would be more interested in the base elements, but hearing these well-crafted solos actually makes tracks like the fist-pumping “Pray” come off a bit more than just meat headed..."

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