Thursday, November 21, 2013

Interview With Izegrim Now On New Noise!

"Congress Of The Insane is an incredibly fierce record. In some ways, I think it’s even heavier than Code Of Consequences. What was the attitude like going in to record this album and what was your goal for the disc? Were there any albums in particular that you looked to for inspiration?

Jeroen: Thanks ! Mission accomplished I guess [laughs]. While we are still very proud of our previous album, we all knew the new one had to reflect the rawness that we expose when performing the songs live. From the moment Bart and I wrote the first guitar-riff, we aimed for a non-polished sound, brutal, heavier and more “in-your-face” compared to the previous albums. These songs just screamed for a new approach and a different sound. Slow passages are now really slow and gloomy and the aggressive, faster songs are absolutely kicking serious ass. Actually, our own live-performances were the main inspiration; one could say that all our fans we met over the years are the main inspiration for this album. We tried to capture the energy we get on stage, that adrenaline-rush when the audience goes berserk. Sure, we have our favorite bands too; Bart finds his inspiration in Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and Nevermore (to name just a few), I tend to listen more to the death metal genre like Asphyx and Entombed. A cool mix of bands that Bart and I blend into our own compositions."

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More of these ARE coming, but I'm not telling you any more than that right now.

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