Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interview With Gothminister, Now On New Noise!

How are your shows different from the shows of other bands? What do you guys do that makes them unique?

I think our new live shows are different from many other bands because of all the theatrical entertainment. We have actors on stage, with their own small stories to tell, in the middle of the show. Chris the drummer is abducted by the executioner zombies to be thrown into a pit in front of the stage, and then a huge animatronic demon goes up in front of the crowd; holding Chris upside down by his legs seven meters up in the air, giving him a good shake up there. And when the demon takes him back down into the pit, there is silence…and smoke…until Chris climbs back up on stage, bloody but victorious. It is not a coincidence that we at that moment kick in with the song “Liar”, one of the more catchy tunes. We also have an animatronic goblin climbing down from the ceiling with a bag, and inside that bag is a werewolf baby that the Minister takes. And then of course there has to be a fight with the werewolf daddy who wants his puppy back.

We are sawing the heads off zombies, so blood splatters out on stage and we have remote controlled bats flying over the audience`s heads and we have huge monsters (4.5 meters tall) walking out on stage. So there’s a little bit for everyone,
I would say. With a sense of humor and self-irony to it of course. [smiles]

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