Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Septicflesh - The Ophidian Wheel (2013 Remastered NN Promo)

"This third Septicflesh reissue is considered gothic metal by the label, but there’s definitely a good bite of death metal still to be had here in between the classical landscapes and operatic elements that find their way into this interestingly intriguing mix. To date, no other artists have created an album with the amount of unparalleled class and style that you’ll find here. “The Future Belongs To The Brave” merely brings a shadow of what is to come much later on the release in the form of Natalie Rassoulis, who shows an unexpected operatic edge to the music with her angelically soft vocals. It’s almost like a devil and angel duet in some places, clearly being influenced by Paradise Lost as noted. “The Ophidian Wheel” itself is a dead-ringer for the Gothic album, of that there’s no doubt. But then we have the intrigue of “Phallic Litanies” which introduces the use of early synths that almost sound a bit like the era of classic gaming. However, that opens for a product that does great justice to the traditional gothic metal genre, before the days when death metal elements were far removed and the genre strained of its dignity..."

Read More Here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/album-review-septicflesh-the-ophidian-wheel-reissue/

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