Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Flower Kings - Desolation Rose (2013 NN Promo 2013)

"There’s no mistaking the sense of true progression as displayed on this brand new album from a band that I’ve just now become familiar with – The Flower Kings. You really don’t need me to explain this album to you, as it’s relatively straightforward and embarks the listener on a fantastic (and sometimes quite grim) journey. To be honest, as soon as the album begins with the grandiose opener “Tower ONE”, these guys showcase every trick they’ve learned over the past few years of creating this music and reflect the best that I’ve heard from acts like Deep Purple, King Crimson, and Spock’s Beard in their prime eras..."

Read More Here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/album-review-flower-kings-desolation-rose/

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