Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celldweller - Blackstar Act One: Purified (2013 NN Promo & Book)

"Klayton’s one of the best there is when it comes to industrial soundscapes, even if his music isn’t quite as aggressive or scathing as many other acts in the scene. He’s molded his own path which seems to mix house, techno, trance and even dubstep together with elements of hard rock. Celldweller has never ventured into the realms of heavy metal, and I don’t expect them to – there’s more than enough great material on previous effort Wish Upon A Blackstar to capture fans with their very accessible touch to electronic rock that should ensnare those who wouldn’t be able to get into it otherwise. The record was undoubtedly catchy, making this atmosphere-laden piece a definite untapped area for the artist. Oddly enough, this is the soundtrack to a book that is included along with the album. I’ve overviewed it, but have not even had the time to skim its quaint seventy-five page length. (I’ll also add that I prefer paperback or hardcover copies when it comes to books, as it’s much easier on the eyes.) So you’ll not be getting a book review from me. At least, not this time..."

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