Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dream Theater - Dream Theater (2013 NN Promo)

"The second album without Portnoy in tow feels a little odd to be the self-titled Dream Theater release, as Portnoy provided much to band in terms of lyrical content, as some of you are surely aware. Nevertheless, it’s an album that definitely sees the band with new found strength and well… prog. Yes, there’s always been that sense of prog in the band, but this album actually feels like it’s communicating on all the right levels insofar as progressive music is concerned. After the unnecessary “False Awakening Suite” comes in, “The Enemy Inside” actually treats us to a profound musical performance, as well as a memorable chorus from Labrie. Ruddess’s keyboards really seem to stand out on this one, bringing something to the band that we’ve needed to hear for years now, and we all knew that he’d be the one man who could put the keyboards firmly back in their place again. Petrucci still lights up the sky as always, so there’s no shortage of guitar antics to be found. Yet what really made this one click for me was the new skinsman Mike Mangini, oddly enough. His work on the kit gave the track the meat that it needed to truly show off and provide the thunder for the rain..."

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