Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gehenna - Unravel (2013 NN Promo)

"Gehenna used to be one of the more interesting keyboard laden black metal acts, with their “three spells” (1994-1996) being most memorable and highly considered as classics by fans of the genre. But apparently someone stole their grimoire before they could even begin the fourth spell. Adimiron Black still came out however, but it wasn’t as arguably strong as the past material. Years later, the band wandered around like a bunch of confused magicians, wondering where they might have misplaced their beloved grimiore. During this time, several “other” albums were released, which seemed to echo the unfortunate frustration of these gentlemen, who only seemed to want their old grimiore back. This leads us into Unravel and the band’s ultimate fall to rock bottom. This album is so terrible, that a friend of mine told me that it literally put him to sleep while behind the wheel of his truck, causing him to veer off the edge of the road, which certainly could’ve killed him. Worse than anything Satyr did this year, Unravel is unnecessary Ambien that’s about as interesting as watching black paint dry on the wall. It doesn’t matter what these musicians do, it all just comes off as tepid and boring as humanly possible..."

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