Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Interview with Eden's Curse Now On New Noise!

With a brand new lineup, Eden’s Curse sounds stronger than ever. How did you go about recruiting the fantastic pipes of Nikola Mijic and the nimble fingers of Steve Williams? What do you think that the inclusion of these two powerful entities does for the band?

When we parted company with Marco we decided to hold some public online auditions, similar to what Dragonforce did, and even though the quality received was very high indeed, we were looking for that certain “je ne sais quoi”. I was researching on the internet through various media streams and I happened to be browsing on the website of Lion Music, who have some killer bands. I came across Dreyelands and liked what I heard from their singer. I jumped to Facebook to see if he had a profile and what he was doing and low and behold he did. I reached out to Nikola and invited him to audition, which he did. He recorded three songs and we got to know him quite well and he really met all the requirements we looked for in a vocalist and a band member. Nikola is an extremely versatile vocalist who can sing pretty much anything. He is a great live performer and is also a professional sound engineer owning his own studio in Serbia recording bands there and also mixing live at concerts. He plays multiple instruments and is a really fantastic, easy going person.

Steve actually auditioned for the band when Ferdy Doernberg left after the second album, and was beaten by Alessandro and his magnificent voice. We have remained good friends since and it was a very natural decision to ask him to join as he is a great player, songwriter and person, and Power Quest had split and he was contemplating his next musical venture. He asked to hear the new demos and once he did, he jumped on board. When God made Steve Williams he threw away the mould. Talented, intelligent, thoughtful, witty, fun and one of life’s absolute Gentlemen… they don’t make them like him anymore!


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