Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interview With German Thrashers Onslaught, Now On New Noise!

You talk about the New World Order and the mark of the beast on this album (“66-Fucking6″) but do you think that these things could actually happen and bring about the world’s end, or is it all just one big “Cruci-fiction?”

I think a New World Order is definitely in its early stages without question; it’s there for everyone to see. I’m pretty sure there are people in very high places scheming for a world controlled and policed by one core government that has access to all resources this planet has to offer. Ya know where I’m coming from.

66fucking6” is a kind of tongue in cheek track, actually. It’s inspired by a review that some Christian dude gave us for the Sounds of Violence album on the Amazon site. It basically said ‘we are the personification of all that is bad and evil and that we play the devil’s music.’ We thought it was probably one of the best reviews we have ever received. [Laughs] Religion = Cruci-fiction.

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