Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Interview with Scream Queen Victoria De Mare Now On New Noise!

"Let’s talk about the recording of the album. You had the opportunity to work with several different musicians who each helped to make your album the strong debut that it is. What was it like working with these individuals, and what was the overall recording process like for the disc?

The recording studio like a dance studio to me is like my church. It is where you create the moments that people buy tickets to come see your experience on the stage. It’s the recordings of that magic that live forever and it is more than thrilling to me to create those moments. And no one cares what you look like in the recording studio, unlike working as an actor. It’s all about how you sound and the sound of the music and how it makes you feel when you listen to it.  There was fewer musicians’ work that actually made the final cut of the album than you might think. As a producer, it is more than frustrating when a musician is unprepared and can’t take notes during the session. All the music on the album was co-written by me and my “co-genius” as I like to refer to him; Michael Sean Colin. I am mostly referring to him in my liner notes on the album, and I guess only he would really understand my comments in those notes because he was there. I love the music we create together. It is magical to me. This album was a strong debut because of Michael and I’ll never forget the experience of creating this album with him. It was one of the highlights of my life.

Let’s talk a bit about the movies. You’ve worked with several directors and producers, from the great Roger Corman and of course; Charles Band among others. What do you think is your personal favorite role? What role of yours do you think that fans most admire? Do you have a favorite film?

I’ve worked with a ton of different directors so far in my career of over seventy film and TV productions. Roger was the executive producer of Slaughter Studios and DinoCroc, and Charlie produced Killjoy 3 & Killjoy Goes To Hell. I have two personal favorite roles – “Batty Boop” from the Killjoy series and another role that I can’t talk about yet because the film has not been released yet. I think the fans enjoy me best as Batty Boop & Sarah Ragdale from Werewolf In A Women’s Prison. I’ve actually been recognized in bars, grocery stores and at parties for my performance in Werewolf In A Women’s Prison, believe it or not. (grins.) But it is too hard to say which film is my “favorite” as I’ve loved working on them all."

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For those of you who aren't aware of Victoria De Mare, she is famous for playing in Werewolf In A Womens Prison as well as the Killjoy series in which she plays Batty Boop! She just recently finished Gingerdeadman Vs. Evil Bong, which you can find here:

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