Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Torii - The Shadow Of The Mountain (2013)


1. The Shadow Of The Mountain
2. Endless Glacier
3. Inexorable
4. Out Of Time
5. The Great Hall At Dawn
6. Lord Of Waters
7. The Coming Storm

Yes, after a long time of waiting... It's finally here. First came Torii's original instrumental album, but as I mentioned in my review, it really needed vocals. A few months later, we sat down and worked something out. A few months after that,Torii developed into a full-scale project with the both of us now working to crank out brand new material for you next year. The current lineup for Torii now consists of Bill on the instrumentation and me on the vocals. As a musician, I really think that an awesome job has been wrought on the release; even though I think that some of the vocals here aren't my best (but that's normal, as I judge myself rather harshly.) Lyrics are included with the album, so feel free to decipher my pratterings in whichever way you choose.

I am looking forward to seeing all reviews of this album, so make sure to update me via email when you've posted one. Once again, we're working on new material for next year. Now go out there and enjoy it, and tell others about our hard work in Torii!  

- The Fallen Alchemist

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