Friday, January 29, 2016

Rules of The Grim Tower (Prime)

The Grim Tower (Prime) is a virtual dumping ground for all of my reviews, good and bad. The entire site will be managed from this Blogger app, so all album art pictures will be found at the bottom of review posts.

There will not be a high social media presence for (Prime) but when I have high speed data, I will be able to update The Grim Tower's .Com domain quickly from posts here. So basically, this is a "you saw it here first" sort of thing. Publicists will get links, but I wish you luck posting these properly to social media. ;)

Bands, there will be no remorse here. This is the unhinged arena, where you are either praised or dejected. I have become a bit more lenient, but I also feel that I have become a bit more fair, which means that I am not going to praise sub-par compositions.

This is not a place to promote trends. It is a place to tear them the fuck apart. This page is sort of like the lone door in a alleyway, where you have to know the password before you can enter.

Yes, we do score here. Do not complain to me in an email/comment if you feel my score was not to your liking. I am a fair, honest and lenient critic. But I know where I stand. You can curse me all you like, I'll not lose sleep over it. That being said, I do not simply tear apart musicians who are trying very hard. I do tear apart musicians who aren't trying, and are piggybacking off of the latest trends. That I've never really felt was metal, even though metal will not be all we review here, of course.

My goal however, is to make sure that most of the non-metal releases get covered in New Noise. Additionally, Tometal will be gathering up my reviews here for use on their site. I'm cool with that. This is just meant to be a small blog in which to more or less "draft" reviews for the big leagues.

Enjoy and please don't get offended. 2015 is over, so let us not have a repeat of that. Grow some balls, take some constructive criticism, or just simply laugh.

"Oh, that guy hates my record. Haha. Fuck that guy."

That's kind of how I look at other reviewers who tear apart records I like. I don't write emails explaining my disappointment. There are few real entitlements in this country (contrary to what some people might have you believe) and a right to an opinion is a necessary one. The more that I flip through the pages on Orwell's 1984, the more I shudder to think of a world where such a website like this and others, might one day be illegal.

Alas, I'm rambling. So once again, enjoy the reviews.

- The Grim Lord

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