Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Destroyer 666 - Wildfire (2016)

If you don't know who Destroyer 666 is, then you've got a hell of a lot of backtracking to do. Their newest album and first in quite a while, Wildfire pretty much sounds like metal at it's best. But hell, let's just call it what it is – the better than Venom, Venom. I've nothing against Venom, they're still a pretty solid band, but Destroyer 666 are doing everything with this little ditty that I've wanted to hear Venom do for years. Did you like Welcome To Hell and Black Metal as much as I did? (Truth be told, I actually like Welcome To Hell more than Black Metal) Well, then you're going to love this awesome band. Of course, you should know that already. Classic thrash riffs pervade throughout the piece, but with enough structure and firepower to separate them from more than ten-thousand Venom clones. Chances are that you don't just know about Destroyer 666 because they're a signed band, but because they're a legitimately awesome one. I've yet to hear a bad record from the band and Wildfire just works to capture the mix of black and thrash that they do best. Searing solos, threatening scowls, the heat and warmth of the eighties coupled with today's modern production – that's what you're getting here. If you love heavy metal, you're going to want this record. Note that I said heavy metal, not the more modern stuff – Wildfire sounds like the genre used to and that's more than enough reason for me to recommend it to you. Now there's nothing here that I would consider really unique, but there doesn't need to be. I really don't want Destroyer 666 to employ pan flutes, didgeridoos or untz untz electronics. That's never why I've liked them. You see, when I get a record from these guys, I know that I'm getting the best of two great genres, coupled together with enough patience and hard work to make waves.

Sit down and listen to these guitar compositions folks, this isn't just noodling for the sake of noodling. It's not just shredding for the sake of shredding. This is the kind of music that plays in the background of a huge metal battle, in which guitar-wielding iron knights battle horrendous demons for control of the world. This is the kind of music that you want to blast over the bumping Hip Hop music from the guy next to you, while you're waiting for the light to change. This is the kind of music that you blast while you're in the parking lot as all the regular people give you mean stares. When you see a bunch of the younger crowd blasting their core or alternative rock stuff out the windows, you blast this. It really does start a fire, and just keeps burning on and on without control. Is it even worth it to tell you how each track sounds here? Of course not. You know very well what you're getting from Destroyer 666 and they've done nothing more than improve on their awesomeness with yet another killer metal disc. There's nothing else that you could call these guys other than metal, and that's just fine with me. To be honest, this is the kind of record that Vinyl was made for. Perhaps you might want to get a record player just for the classic, old-school sound. If you've got one, then chances are that you've been blasting Wildfire for days now and don't need my reassurance to grab it. While it's true that some bands are hit or miss, and many bands have a hiccup every now and again, but I don't see anything like that happening to these guys anytime soon, which to me is definitely fucking awesome. Be sure to vote for Destroyer 666 this year, a name you can trust. It's too bad that they're not on the ballots.

(10 Tracks, 42:00)


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