Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sea - Self-Titled EP (2015)

If you've ever wondered what Chino Moreno might sound like in a doomy, sludgy post metal act, then this demo recording from Sea might be just up your alley. Despite it being a demo, it's actually quite audible and I can discern all the riffs quite well. It's certainly warm and fuzzy though, which is what we should expect from a band of this nature, demo or not. There's a harsh, bear-like growl used during the thunderous parts of the record, much as we might expect and if it had been something like that completely, I'd have probably thrown these guys over shoulder. But the thing is, there's such a cool and glassy texture to the Chino Moreno influence clean vocal style here that it all balances out. These guys also don't mind throwing in a couple of those old fashioned blues solos too, as well as some interesting instrumental atmospheres. It's not full of heavy drones, and instead feels like a post metal disc with hints of jazz and blues. With “Moros” though, you have a more aquatic nature, which might be why the band is called Sea. It ebbs and flows as it begins with some very angelic vocals and heads towards heavier territory which might have even had a slight tinge of black metal influence (as in, if you blink, you'll miss it.) I'm saying that I half-heard a tremolo riff here. I also heard some computer sounds towards the end of the piece. (Was I supposed to hear that?) In any case, what I've heard here has enough in the vein of clean vocal harmonies to really make some waves. It still has a lot of thunder, but could make it big in a commercial standpoint, especially that high note towards the end of “Chronos” where said singer is channeling his Freddie Mercury. It's a pretty interesting little effort in the end and I'd like to hear where this one goes in the future. Sea is really shaping up to be a memorable band.

(3 Tracks, 20:00)


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