Wednesday, March 9, 2016

War Inside - S.U.T U.R.E. (2016)

Coming in with a more modern approach than you might have been expecting, the sophomore effort from these French black/deathers still sounds surprisingly traditional. Considered by MA to be a sort of blackened death metal, I think I'm hearing more black metal here than I am death, as well as some breakdowns which give it a bit of a core influence that probably a couple of people won't go for. But that's fine, these guys are obviously listening to a lot of different stuff right now and they're more or less playing what they like. “The Miligram Whore” for example almost takes a Mayhem approach to things, while “Body Bones” seems to take an Unleashed, almost Dismembered style of melodic yet still threatening death metal. Just sitting here and trying to analyze these songs can be a bit of a headache, because now I'm hearing something that could be as much Satyricon as it is Lamb Of God and then of course we'll have the heavily melodic overtones that come right out of nowhere. Then why not? Let's add a nice little solo into the mix as well, and make it nice and beefy so that it stands out. All of this being considered, I can't really say too many bad things about the band, because just having some modern core influences isn't really a crime. Especially when you've got your chops down insofar as the base material is concerned. War Inside really don't go too far beyond these elements though and I think the style of vocal yelling might really turn off some metal fans completely. I noticed that later on in the album there is very little differentiation between songs and it begins to sound like a slightly more intricate hodgepodge of extremity, which I feel will attract younger fans more than the old heads. But I have a feeling that's the idea.

(9 Tracks, 42:00)


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