Monday, April 4, 2016

Beastmaker - You Must Sin EP (2016)

California's Beastmaker produce a sort of doom that almost sounds like it has it's hands in occult rock, and there's nothing wrong with that. This review is actually based on the '45 release, which just features two songs, “You Must Sin” and “Eyes Are Watching” so you can't compare it to the EP version on Bandcamp, which actually has more songs that I haven't even gotten the privilege to hear. But I will say that if you really like Sabbath, you'll find something on the album's second cut, “Eyes Are Watching” which reminds me one-hundred percent of classic Ozzy fronted Sabbath, albeit with a more feminine touch to the vocals. Trevor William Church is responsible for that uncommon touch, which sounds different for this type of metal. But one can say that acts like Candlemass and Sabbath never really have been ones for a deep vocal approach and Ozzy's vocals were far from what we'd consider “masculine.” Still, it's a formula that works, contains a bevvy of nostalgia and should give doom fans something to smile about. Church is also responsible for the riffs on this record along with the thick bass riffs of John Tucker, as skins are being handled by Andres Alejandro Saldate. Both of these guys pound their instruments mercilessly, making for thumps loud enough to raise the devil, or whatever spirits they're trying to summon here. It's nothing amazing at this point, but doom fans will like it and that's what matters. Look out for the band's forthcoming debut, Lusus Naturae coming later in the year. (The Grim Lord)


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