Monday, April 4, 2016

Embalmer - Emanations From The Crypt (2016)

From a name like Embalmer, death metal fans already know what to expect – and they won't be let down by this short, but menacing offering anytime soon. You already know that there won't be any clean vocals or beautiful melodic pieces to be found within the depths of this Cleveland born madness, so let's tear off the face of this wretched whore and get right down to the bottom of it. The mix here is obviously warm and raw, sounding like a death metal record made back in the day and you'll notice that from the first track. Sometimes it'll be hard to hear everything perfectly in the mix, but that's just way it is when you're recording a bunch of guys in one room, rather than everything being made through file transfer and studio polish. The drumming is ridiculously brutal, and a definite part of what makes the sound here so memorable. The ridiculously deep gutturals and harsh shouts that we're hearing definitely add to the already potent drum abrasions, and sometimes these two approaches end up drowning out the guitars completely. But surprisingly, you will be able to discern a handful of leads amidst such a furious onslaught of chaotic carnage, which is exactly what you should expect with this kind of disc. Sometimes the guys observe thick doom moments like “The Casket Calls” and the title track, which might seem out of place in their lack of vehemence, but can come as welcome periods in which to brood for a while before the next punishment comes – and they come plenty. When you put Emanations From The Crypt into your player, be prepared to get your face ripped off, your eyeballs gouged out and your tongue used for a fucking jump-rope. These gentlemen don't play around when it comes to death metal and we're all the more thankful for it. All the dirt and grime that you could ever ask for, recalling the days of the greats. Death metal is definitely not dead. (The Grim Lord)


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