Friday, April 15, 2016

Imperial Triumphant - Inceste (2016)

With a rather weird (or revolting, some would say) album cover art depiction, it's really hard to tell what kind of music you'll be getting from this album. With a name like Inceste which speaks for itself, I would consider the performance to be a type of French nihilistic black metal with some industrial elements. Though that's just me calling it right off the top of my head. In reality, Imperial Triumphant sound as they always have and deliver us another dose of black metal from New York. If you could call it that here, however. On Inceste it sounds like what would happen if Primus got into the black metal scene and sounds about as oblong as you could possibly imagine. Some people would be hard-pressed to even call this music since it sounds so unlike the band, or any band for that matter. Most guitarists would wonder why the guitar here is being played quite literally so far out of key that it doesn't even sound like rock-based music anymore, instead sounding like an above and beyond the call of duty style of avant-garde metal that in actuality, feels as French as it could possibly be. The cover, the style and performance all sound like they're coming from some sort of French experimental act and that's no exaggeration. In order to really talk about something so bizarre though, I'll have to take it track by track. “Libertine” starts us off by playing a classical piece completely out of tune, to the point where it sounds almost demonic and certainly a bit deranged. “Kaleidoscopic Orgies” takes that out of tune style and converts it into metal, but what will be an arguably erratic style for most people that I feel will be a very hard sell. I can see how the band is trying to reach into this classical, even noire territory, but I just can't tell you how many people will really be able to get into it. Some might even call it literally unlistenable, so you really have to listen to at least one track before you make this purchase. What sounds like it is played badly, is played badly on purpose. I can see that they're building an atmosphere with this and at the same time trying to do what hasn't been done before, but I think to myself and wonder if this is reality at all. Whoops. I guess I had a moment of non-existence while I was trying to dissect this thing, which sounds like worlds coming apart. “Oblivion In Morsels” still contains some weirdness, but it is a little bit more rambunctious and overall, heavy. We're getting our face smashed in by this one, regardless of how odd it sounds. “Breath Of Innocence” opens with some choral harmonizing, but then it goes back into obscure black metal after entering a realm with pianos, where someone got stabbed. Don't ask me how I know this, I just felt that they were killed during that moment. But the band kept on playing as it was just some guy in an alleyway over in some other state of existence. I almost feel like the sounds uttered here crack the third-dimension of reality and head towards four-dimensional space. What in the living hell are they doing with music, I wonder? That's what I think when I listen to this one. I can guarantee that what these guys are doing, no one else is and maybe there's a really good reason behind that. To some that feel this is splattering paint on the wall, Inceste is the literal equivalent of mixing together every single color in the Sherwin Williams paint guide and then using that to paint your entire house, upon which it disappears completely into another dimension that you'll never be able to reach. I have no idea what is going on this album and no idea as to what I should score it either. I literally don't know. Do you? Someone tell me why my face is melting... face is melting.... face...

(4 Tracks, 21:00)


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