Friday, April 15, 2016

Piss Vortex - Future Cancer (2016)

I find it funny that while looking up some information on this act, I see “for booking or complaints, contact us.” Complaints? What kind of complaints could possibly arise from the sound of what seems a war in the underworld? These Dutch grinders released their record on the first of April, but Future Cancer is absolutely no joke. Between the fierce barrages of drums and guitars as well as the positively unruly vocals, the listener will feel as if they are being flattened by an oversized vice. These eleven minutes of mayhem will sound a lot longer than it actually is, yet it will feel like your eardrums are splitting apart, along with the rest of your world. I don't know if it's death, thrash, black, punk or prog, but I know that it has a little bit of all those things and makes for a sound that will wake anyone up from a sound sleep when played loudly enough. Piss Vortex make the kind of music that you'd be able to scare the shit out of people with, it's the kind of stuff that would jolt people awake and make them fiercely aggravated with you upon such a rude awakening. That being said, the disc does observe some lighter sections during it's final track, “Patterns Of Repetition.”

As you know, I'm not the biggest fan of most grind and find it a tough genre to get into, but there's something about the grind that these guys make that allows such a performance to stand out. They still aren't recognized by Metal Archives and I've no sane idea why, as there's enough chaos and metallic sensibility here to classify as such, but those guys have some very weird guidelines as to what classifies and you'd be debating until the cows came home, left again and then decided to come back home for the second time, before the crew over there came to some kind of agreement. Perhaps it's not true metal, but it is raucous, insane and the equivalent of madness. It's very hard to describe what is a tornado in a box, a hurricane in a box, a storm of blood and hellfire stuffed into a little eleven-minute box... but that's indeed what it is and I'd definitely give it a listen.

(6 Tracks, 11:00)


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