Friday, April 15, 2016

Project F - The Butterfly Effect (2016)

Project F are a sort of industrial Nu-Metal act with an interesting look that I can get behind. There are only five real tracks here aside from an intro and interlude, but if you like thick grooves and hard hitting choral angst like I did back when I was still cutting my teeth on heavy music, you'll find something here. I'm reminded a lot of the early stuff from acts like Deftones, American Head Charge, Mudvayne and Coal Chamber as well as the mid-era stuff that Transport League was doing. “Tongue” sounds so much like a Nu-Metal track that it's pathetic, but with such a loud and catchy chorus line, it works just as it's supposed to. “Cut Your Wings” doesn't really hit me so hard, but “Unbegun” hits a little harder and contains that sort of psychotic sense that I've always liked from this kind of music. Many of the electronic compositions work well with the more metallic elements of the band, so that helps to create the whole rusty industrial atmosphere of so many similar acts. “Fat Man” has the right idea as far as the angst, rage and punchy grooves of Nu-Metal are concerned and it makes it's point known pretty well. I'd definitely consider it one of the stronger points on the disc along with “Tongue.” These guys know what kind of music they want to make and are doing a great job with it. The last song is an outro, so technically there are only four heavy cuts here instead of the five I'd first mentioned, but that last track is technically nearly five minutes long even though it's a rather classy piano piece. “When The Angel Fell From The Sky” also contains that quote I've heard on ten and twenty albums, where Vishnu declares himself “death” and “the destroyer of worlds.” We're using this so much in metal that it might be a sort of unspoken mantra, but that's entirely beside the point. After my observance of this album, I consider Project F pretty promising even though I feel that this sounds like the early demo records from many bands during the Nu-Metal era. That being said, more often than not, they got better and I feel that the same will happen with Project F. Let's give them a chance, I think they have so much to offer to a sub-genre of metal that while some people hate, I was always a fan of. Old habits die hard, I still love this stuff and I like to see that there are still some bands out there doing it justice.

(7 Tracks, 25:00)


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