Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Savage Machine - Event Horizon (2016)

Denmark's Savage Machine are considered “old school heavy metal” and as I'm quite a fan of that style, you can already tell what I think of the disc. The title cut is pretty short, but it comes in hard and fast, with the spirit of eighties classic heavy metal acts in the vein of Priest, Maiden, Metal Church, Helloween, Blind Guardian and many more. Particularly I'm hearing a Blind Guardian style gallop on the much longer “Savior” which I'm not about to turn away anytime soon. There's a bit of a thrash vibe here, but it's not the kind that threatens to tear the roof down, because that's just not the kind of act Savage Machine are. They might be a little tame for some, but let's be honest – I can't even listen to extreme acts all day long. This is how metal was crafted during the genre's glory days and it surprisingly sounds just as good. Yeah, there's the Blind Guardian comparison, but you and I can both agree that Blind Guardian hasn't sounded like this in years. The production value on these tracks is also surprisingly eighties, which makes this EP a blast from the past. Towards the latter part of the track, there's a bit of narration which some may find a bit of a distraction, but I feel that it more or less maintains the welcomed cheese of the age. “Old man metal” and “dad rock” jokes aside, this is just damn good stuff as I'm concerned and I'm sure that it'll only get better with time. Some people might say that Savage Machine might have had a better shot in the eighties, and perhaps that's true – but some of us haven't yet lost the spirit of what true metal is. If you're going to buy this, then buy it for “Savior.” That's what metal used to sound like, just in case you may have forgotten. (The Grim Lord)


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