Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Mountain Man - Bloodlust (2016)

The Mountain Man isn't anything like it might sound, and those looking for modern death metal and core approaches will surely find something in this rather carnivorous offering. It is a groove-laden style of death metal, that occasionally djents and welcomes bits of melody, though it also pushes the vocals quite high in the mix, which overshadows everything else at times. Still, it's a bit more accessible than other acts. The recording is extremely thick and hugely warm, almost feeling like a post metal record at times. It doesn't really have a whole lot of real substance and does exactly what it came to do, which is to punch you in the fucking face. There are many breakdowns, a familiar harsh vocal approach and several of the things that I find will appeal a bit more to the current generation of metal listeners, rather than the older heads. The Mountain Man clearly know what kind of record to make, and there's undoubtedly an audience for it. It's just really not my kind of thing. I love groove-based death, but there's a lot of djent, breakdowns and “bro-core” vocals here that just rub me the wrong way. But if you're looking for something to pump you up before you get into a fight, or while you're doing exercises in the gym, this might just be what the doctor ordered. Maybe this should come with a coupon for a protein shake. All in all, I feel it's rather misleading to call the offering here any form of doom, as it is clearly not.

(5 Tracks, 21:00)


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