Friday, May 6, 2016

AlgomA/Chronobot - Split (2016)

When you mix sludge and electronics together, you get Canada's AlgomA which sounds just as you might expect – thick drudging riffs, furious grooves and a mix of both deep growls (Pthisis) and harsh screams (Electric Fence.) It has some potential and I can't say that I've ever heard electronics infused into such thickly composed sludge before. Honestly, it's pretty cool. As for fellow Canucks Chronobot, they actually have more of a psychedelic feeling to them, taking us on a trip laced with death, doom and good old Alan Moore approved LSD. Some the effects need to come up in the mix a little and I'm having a tough time hearing them over the bluesy sludge, but I'm certainly not going to turn down this interesting of a performance. If Acid Witch was really on acid, you'd get something that sounds like this, proving that keyboards really make a difference in groovy blues/doom. All in all, this is a damn good split from two really stellar and certainly out of the box metal acts. To say that their approach isn't all that common is an understatement. I hope both continue and further evolve their approaches in the future.

(5 Tracks, 24:00)


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