Friday, May 6, 2016

Ordem Satanica - Ventos De Odio (2016)

Coming back to this one, I think it's the kind of record that I only really enjoyed for the atmosphere. Basically these three dudes from Portugal decided to combine ridiculously raw black metal (and yeah, it's really tough to hear much of anything) with quite audible atmosphere that sounds better than anything you'll hear from the band on a musical level. Familiar tremolos along with muffled scowls and squeals, attempt to do battle with a drum kit that hasn't seen a single speck of mastering since they recorded all this on a four-track somewhere. I've recorded on one of those, so I know what they sound like and this is pretty damn awful. Friends don't let friends release albums recorded on a four or eight-track tape recorder. I've got demos that sound like this, but they'll never see the light of day, which is the same I can say for Ventos De Odio. You'll hear the ungodly hiss from the amps, the barely audible riffs and the overwhelming barrage of static. It's pretty fucking bad, folks. I don't care how raw you like your black metal, this is a record that really could have done with some fixing up. As I said, I've recorded shit like this too – which sounds exactly like this – but I'm not sharing that stuff with anyone for good reason. It sounds pretty fucking awful. Do I recommend this? No. I actually recommend taking all the atmosphere off the record and cutting and pasting it into one track. I have no idea why the atmosphere was recorded at such a clearer level than the music itself, and there's a possibility that it was even lifted from other sources. There are places where we look before we leap and we definitely want to make sure that we leap over this Ordem Satanica demo.

(2 Tracks, 35:00)


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