Thursday, June 2, 2016

Absorb - Vision Apart (2015)

With a cover that resembles a traumatized Muppet, these German death metallers have returned with their first effort in five years. They released a full-length back in 2010 by the name of Dealing With Pain and fast-forwarding to now it seems like they've finally been able to get over it. These Germans definitely have their fingers on the trigger of both thrash and death metal, toying around with latter-era Death prog and making for a rather tasty meal right off the bat. Now we don't get right into the proggy stuff right away, as “Los Muertos De Hambre” gives us a bit of a chuggy death with clean/thrash vocals that I felt was a little weak. Memorable in that chorus, but pretty weak compared to the rest of the disc. Don't let that track fool you, because that's got to be some kind of fluke. Of course, all these songs sound different and it feels like the band are going through an identity crisis. The next track “Perfect Whore” has that whole prog/death feel and they've certainly got it down pact. Then you have “Undead” which almost sounds like grueling brutal death metal. It does change a bit to allow for some clean vocal sections and a bit more prog, but it sticks to it's guns. The last one here is “World Stops Turning” where the ridiculously thick growls emanating from the mouth of mutant monster Volker Schmidt continue their onslaught followed by even more prog and thrash riffs. I'm not really sure as to which direction these guys will turn in the future, but I wouldn't mind hearing more from them at this stage in the game. I'm sure they'll come out with a heavy hitter, as this little EP feels like a new demo and shows that the band is capable of a whole lot of really great things. Give it a spin, I think you'll like it.

(4 Tracks, 16:00)


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