Saturday, June 4, 2016

Colemesis - Viviseccion (2016 Rerecorded)

Costa Rica's long running death metal act Colemesis are back with a new album, which I think I've listened to this three or four times already. It is actually a rerecorded version of the band's demo, which isn't something you hear from bands all that often. If you like acts like Sepultura, Testament, Slayer and Brujeria, then you'll more than likely love the performance being offered here. The album's intro is a little long, but once you get past that (trust me, it's in no way a band note) we'll start getting into more metallic territory. The disc has that feeling of pounding, chunky death metal with bits of technicality that give it a little more edge after all these years. These guys have been around since '92 and have only released two full lengths, this record in fact being considered something of a single. It's much longer than a mere single though, with a total running time of twenty-five minutes, especially with an extra cut “La Malediction De Malinche” tacked onto it. For the most part, the record is well enough performed but it can grow a little bit tiresome on the ears after awhile, which is in most due to the extremely lengthy sections of vocal roar from the band's frontman Fabbian Bonilla. Though he's a seasoned player and can really craft a few striking portions on the record along with Gabriel Morales (also guitars) this elongated vocal approach can sometimes just feel a bit overbearing to me and can get on one's nerves – it just kind of sounds like it's there, with no real emotion or thought put into the pulverisation.

There are definitely a few tracks here that benefit from this traditional death gone technical, but the real hit on the record is actually the disc's bonus track which adds a native touch to the work and gives off a decidedly Latin American vibe to the metal that these guys play. There are acts that do it far better, but these guys have been around for decades and this record shows that they're not ready to give it up just yet. Aside from the vocal nitpicks, there's nothing that I couldn't recommend here and death metal fans will be just as pleased with the band's attention to detail as well as their dedication to the dirt and grit that makes this brand of death metal as memorable as it is. You're getting a rough release, but you're going to want it rough and heavy, which is just what these guys manage to do.

Colemesis aren't the best Latin American death metal act I've ever heard, but they're still worth checking out and giving a listen for fans of the genre. You'll find some great things here if you're a fan of that mid-era Sepultura sound as well as other thrash acts and the death metal of Brujeria. Worth a listen.

(7 Tracks, 25:00)


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