Thursday, June 2, 2016

Peripheral Cortex - Rupture (2016)

Hailing from Germany, these guys decided to move far away from all the hipsters and techno in order to play music that sounds more like Death, Morbid Angel and Necrophagist. Judging from this two-song demo, I can hear exactly that technical death metal mentality and it's good enough that I'm reviewing it here, I can tell you that. Even though they've just formed, there's enough meat here to chew on already with a potent approach to vocals that sounds as if the frontman has swallowed broken glass, as well as lot of tinkering in the guitar department that makes for not only something that kind of sounds like Carcass, but has some very nice solo moments as well as some flashy bits here and there. The record actually contains a rather strong production quality, which helps all the tiny leads to be heard throughout the mix and really makes a difference, as it shows off the band's skills. These guys definitely seem like they want to be the next Necrophagist and they're certainly welcome to it, but I'm going to need to hear more than two songs before I could even think about making that call. Necrophagist were monsters, there's no replacing them. That being said, this is still a very strong performance that technical death metal fans will love, especially if you love any of the aforementioned acts. Definitely worth a listen.

(2 Tracks, (9:00)


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