Friday, July 29, 2016

Recent Happenings...


Aside from the storm activity, it's been very busy at the day job as of late. People are pretty much walking out with the whole store, so I barely have time to really make updates or do much of anything. If you haven't noticed, our layout has changed a little bit and I hope you'll like that a little better than what we had before.


I have also added the mostly complete backup link for The Grim Tower website, now hosted on There's around a thousand pages that needed to be backed up in order to give a more user-friendly feel, and you should be able to browse the site just as well as you could when it was still up. (As of August 17 2016, the website will no longer exist in it's current form.) This took unbelievable amounts of time, so I hope you'll enjoy my efforts. There are only a few things that I did not feel the need to backup in the archive:

News Noise Reviews - All of these are posted on the New Noise Website, and these Tower posts were only short "clickbait" things that I'd rather not repeat.

Videos/Streams - This is kind of obvious, since the archive only takes a "screenshot" of each page, rather than actually allowing for media elements to work. All of the materials can be accessed other places online though, so do not fret.

The main link for the page is here ( and you'll be able to find that also at the bottom of the menu on the right.


As far as the future of my work is concerned, we're going to stay right here on the blog. My goal for this site is to possibly release three new reviews a day Mon-Fri. If possible, a new interview every week as well. I don't know what the future of the working world holds, but as far as I can see, I'll be able to do things like this for at while. I can't live on unemployment forever, and I have a lot of personal medical things that I need attended to in the meantime. As much as I love this work, I cannot devote every inch of myself to it, especially when I can't support myself with it. It's going to be treated as both a hobby and writing practice for the stories that I will also be working on. Like a morning/afternoon warm-up sort of deal. I've always despised money, especially when you need it just to be able to survive. As much as I would love to sit here and work on this stuff for months at a time, I won't be able to do it without at least some sort of financial side-backing (not related to this work of course) and whether that will be another day job or some sort of disability benefit (very difficult to obtain in the US, even with my condition) is still to be determined. But for now at least, I can say that you will see reviews and interviews popping up on this page at least until the end of the year. I believe that's not too far-reaching, assuming everything goes accordingly.

I will still need a few more weeks to see everything through as far as this job is concerned, and it might not be realistically possible to start this work until the last week of August. We've still got clean-up to do here and that will be morning work (I'm not a morning person either.) But I will start updating as soon as I feel the time is right.


First couple of records in the folder I have are dated from April and May, believe it or not. Those were meant to be put up earlier, but they will go out first. Next you will see a lot of other reviews from a bit earlier in the year, stuff I've handpicked out of hundreds of derivative records. This is the stuff that really appealed to me, so I want to showcase it first. As far as those of you who have sent records, those will appear in New Noise, as they have always (depending on release dates, of course.) Submissions and the like will appear bundled along with the current week. If you mailed me a record and it's a bit past the deadline, those will also appear here before anything else. I'm still planning on covering a lot of new stuff as well, so keep your eyes opened for that. If my mobile cooperates, there will also be some stuff posted over at Transcending Obscurity. I still have an account there, so it's just copypasta after that. Although I also want to give them some exclusive interviews as well... Stay tuned.

Just be patient, I'll be ready to post again soon enough. Additionally, I need to add that I'll begin all of this with a very controversial opening address that may even piss some people off. That's fine, as I've always taken the Howard Stern approach to this kind of business and I'm not going to sugarcoat my thoughts on a lot of things I've noticed recently and am getting what I feel is a bellyful of.

- The Grim Lord

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brief Hiatus!

I'm going on a brief hiatus until the middle of August. During this time nothing will be reviewed here, but I am still listening to all submissions and cataloging them accordingly. Feel free to send or withhold releases, depending on your preference. The latest albums will be reviewed among the very earliest. Thank you for understanding during these difficult times, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

- The Grim Lord