Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mountaineer - Coma Fever/Siren Song (2016)

If you choose to look up information using the terms “Mountaineer” and “Bandcamp” you will find a lot of bands oddly making a similar style of music. There's even another act in California (where these guys are from) called Mountaineer as well, and that artist has a few records. In any case, we are reviewing the dreamy sludge/rock of what I think is an absolutely killer band. They're probably getting a ton of reviews and promotion as it is, but one more for this short record couldn't hurt, right? According to some of the information I've grazed, the act contains ex members of Lycus and Secrets Of The Sky, which I've always thought warranting, so of course this is going to be good too. The band's frontman is of course awesome, with a voice like porcelain that gently glides along the wondrous harmony of shoe-gazey guitars. It's a very fluffy sort of album, a very airy sort of disc, the kind of thing that you just sort of zone out to and contemplate life. It doesn't even matter what the songs are about as far as the vocals are concerned, I've been paying more attention to just the delivery to really ascertain the lyrical matter. Maybe it might sound a little wimpier than some of the stuff we cover, but there's a softer side to the crazed madman that runs this page and these are just the kinds of records that the softer side prefers. I really can't wait to hear the act's full release as I feel that Mountaineer will make waves. They are a very “this generation” style of music, so older heads probably have already quite reading by now, but that is okay with me as I'm of course open to many different styles of music as it is. Suffice it to say, those looking for big burly men creating big burly music and singing about big burly topics should probably look elsewhere. This isn't “that kind” of Mountaineer. Leave your pick-axe at home. Oh, shit. That's Miner. Eh, I guess some mountaineers are miners as well. Check out the disc, it's only a dollar digitally on their Bandcamp and I doubt the full release will warrant much more than that. A fair price for a record that is worth far more than a mere dollar.

(2 Tracks, 10:00)


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