Thursday, September 1, 2016

Death Design - Drown With Me (2016)

Finlanders Death Design have released their first single, which seems to mix a little bit of melodeath with hefty amounts of deathcore grooves along with a vocal style that isn't quite the greatest, at least for me. I just never got into the shoutier version of death grunt as much as some of the more grueling approaches, and despite the slight bits of technicality, there is little I find promising here about these guys. They might appeal to fans of more hardcore/deathcore acts, but I just don't find it's my thing. I've heard similar approaches for years, on a track that just seems to have gone in one ear and out the other. If there's any other way I can describe it, it would be that it's heavy. I mean, that's the only real thing I can think of. Janne Salminen's vocal approach gets very close to that of the dreaded gut-punch, so I don't think I'll be interested in their future efforts. I think I'll stick with Heaven Shall Burn on this style.

(1 Track, 3:35)


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