Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hellgoat - Eden In Flames (2016)

Georgia's Hellgoat is about to release their next EP, with several full-lengths and other EP's just like it under their belt. The band has been comapred to acts like Von, Abysmal Lord, Beherit, Demoncy and others, offering a pretty raw and very rough-necked black metal edge that feels like a more produced version of something that may have come out during the early nineties. The drums do overpower the tremolos here, but that's probably how they'll sound on the stage too – and that's fine, because this is the kind of raw energy that we want to hear from them. It's not always blazing, but even during the lower registers, the frontman still manages a venomous scowl or two and makes for an entertaining performance. The lyrical matter is mostly based in the same Anti-Christian/Satanic stuff that you hear from most black metal acts and we won't beat them up about it. More or less these guys are just sort of emulating the acts and ideas that they enjoy putting forth in their music, and the approach comes off without a hitch. It's not very long, but it makes a mark and includes some interesting introductory and closing notes as well. You hear the sound of goats to open it, and you know – having lived on a farm at one point in my life, goats really aren't all that frightening to me. The ending piece was interesting though, a murky droning atmosphere that I wouldn't have expected. It's worth a listen, but these guys have a bunch of other material out there that comprises of more than just two tracks. I'd listen to those releases first.

(2 Tracks, 8:00)


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