Thursday, September 1, 2016

In Obscurity Revealed - Grim Fumes Of Revelation (2016)

Mexico's In Obscurity Revealed just crawled out of it's demo days with this debut EP release, which you'll be able to pick up in about eleven days when it comes out on September 12th. Putting out a four-track demo just last year, it seems these guys are finally ready to show the world what they're made of. If you're into grueling and certainly grim performances with lyrics based in death, chaos and the occult – then you are in for one hell of a show here. First off, I'm noticing drumer EH, and the way that he seems to barrel right through some of these cuts. Secondly, we have a selection of tremolos in addition to some rather unique distortions courtesy of DC and ER, which really turns the approach on it's head. As much as I like tremolos, I like it more when these guys attempt something that sounds as utterly demented as I'm experiencing right now. As long as these guys continue to play in such an uncomfortable tuning, I think I'm going to be quite pleased with their future releases. I really like when a band go out of their way to sound extremely demonic, and even though FM's vocals aren't necessarily inhuman, they work well with the rest of the performance and I'm not going to count them out so soon. The formula works, and it achieves the kind of atmosphere that I'm looking for. It comes off, vile, rambunctious and completely destructive... and best of all, I'm not bored by it! Like a shot of coffee, this record is made up of compositions that would probably wake the dead (which may not bode so well for the act, considering these are occult based lyrics) and is certianly recommended, even despite it's length. It's just a taste, but it leaves us wanting more obscure and devious atmospheres from these Mexican necromancers.

(2 Tracks, 9:49)


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