Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nuclear Chaos - Shockwave (2016)

Mexico's Nuclear Chaos have been around for a while, even known for working with David Vincent on a track by the name of “Suffocate” coming off their second full-length release, Absolution. Well, this one reminds me a little of acts like Soilwork or mid-era In Flames – it's basically modern melodic death metal and I'm not seeing a problem with that. Do we have harsh vocal growls backing a clean vocal chorus that has been accented with melodic leads? Well, yes. What about thumping bass riffs and plenty of chug? Yes, that's more or less the backbone of the cut. Would I still recommend it? Yes, absolutely. I think that fans of melodic death metal in general would find something here, regardless of the fact that the band have been compared heavily to Trivium over at Metal Archives when I would more liken them to Soilwork or mid-era In Flames as of this single. They are definitely crafting a better style of metal than In Flames are right now, I can say that much.

(1 Track, 4:03)


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