Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sunlight's Bane/Geist - Split (2016)

This split features two tracks each from Michigan based Sunlight's Bane, as well as Englanders Geist. The difference is that both bands are a bit different than each other, with the guest being a little more intriguing to me than the mainstay act.

Sunlight's Bane starts out the disc with what is an absolutely grueling round of pure musical chaos. It's pretty damn rambunctious folks, with influences ranging from brutal death to black metal and even some core semblances. I'd definitely consider it a flavor of extreme grind, with two vocalists ready to tear your ears off and throw them in a waste receptacle. There IS a little bit of a punk influence here, but only if that punk was fiercely injected with the very blood of a living inferno. Sunlight's Bane is what happens when you mix punk in with hellfire and makes for something that I'd consider leagues better than ninety percent of the punk music I've heard recently. We at The Grim Tower hope that they'll make plenty more of this, as I am all ears.

As for Geist, I'm not going to sit here and trash them. Let's give these hardcore punks a respectable observation. While not as extreme as Sunlight's Bane, they still manage to kick up enough piss n' vinegar to make a mark. The drums frantically pound throughout the release, fronted by a man who reminds me of Jamey Jasta at his angriest. I mean, it's not as preferable to the inhuman approach of the other act, but I think it has just enough firepower going for it to a make a statement. It does sound a little bit more realistic though and may bring listeners back down to earth after surviving the horrifying abyss that was Sunlight's Bane. The drums I feel are the best part of the performance, but at times they are also the only thing that I can hear on the record and even work to drown out the guitars (and vocals even.)

Obviously, I'm going to praise the hell out of Sunlight's Bane as far as this split is considered. But both bands are definitely worth checking out and I'd recommend this split to anyone looking for a short and raucous shot of pure fucking adrenaline.

(4 Tracks, 10:34)


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