Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brutally Deceased - Satanic Corpse (2016)

Brutally Deceased are a death metal act hailing from the Czech Republic, named after a Grave song. This marks their third release and I'd consider a bit more comparable to modern Kataklysm than something like Grave, even though there are tinges of classic death metal acts the world over in their music. It's obviously a chunky sort of death metal, but it really delivers in the guitar area courtesy of dual axe tag-team Tomas Halama and Stembus and that's where it caught my attention. Throughout the disc there are loads of great melodies and terrific guitar solos, which really help this band from standing out and not going too far into what seems to be a modern, core-influenced direction. The record contains a couple of breakdowns and even features a frontman (Zlababa) who seems to be pushing as far as he can with the cookie monster style. This can't be said for all the tracks, but some of the growls rumble close to a gut-punch which can make parts of the record a turn off for me. However, the melodic element of the band is just so strong that even the most core-laden approaches imaginable couldn't detract me from it. Which thankfully, there aren't.

These guys do manage to get close to melodic death metal in general a few times, but I have no problem with placing them right in the center of brutal death and melodic death metal. Maybe closer to Dissection in that sense, but not in the sense of black metal. Things seem a little bit more brutal here, which is going to make them a bit more accessible to fans of that simplistic deathcore style, but Brutally Deceased have a bit more going for them than many similar modern death metal acts. Satanic Corpse isn't an amazing record, but it is well worth a listen if you're looking to cross over into the realms of traditional death metal without losing what you love about it's more modern incarnations. It'll be hit or miss for some, but a demonsend for others.

(9 Tracks, 29:00)


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